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Animal Farm 6-10 AP

Animal Farm ch. 6-10 AP

vain ineffective; very selfish and conceited
superintendence supervision or direction
reconciled brought oneself to accept
repose rest and relaxation
malignity persistent, intense ill will
indignation righteous anger
infanticide murder of babies
procure to obtain
clutches complete set of eggs produced at one time
capitulated gave up
pervading spread throughout; all encompassing
tumult uproar
retinue entourage or followers
surmounted placed above everything like a pedestal
machinations crafty schemes; devious plots
dejectedly dismally;disappointed
lamentation expression of grief
poltices hot, soft, moist masses applied to a sore or inflamed body part
superannuated old; retired with a pension due to old age or infirmity
precincts grounds; assumptions
complicity involvement in a wrongful act
strategem trick; deceptive movement
contemptuously scornfully; despicably
inebriates' drunkards'
taciturn mournful and depressed
filial as befits a son or daughter or other family member whom you respect
insoluble impossible to be solved
incumbent part of one's duty or obligation
intimated hinted or implied
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