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S.S Quizbowl

Greek Mythology

Greek city where women were treated best Sparta
Median age of death in ancient Greece 35 years
What is Gymnopedia? Festival of nude youths
When were Spartan women allowed to marry? 18 or late teens early twenties
What kind of clothes do Spartan women wear ? Peplos
In later classical Sparta Women owned how much land/property 0%/ none
Spartan women were? fed the same as spartan boys
How did Spartan women travel? They walked and drove Chariots
In public, Spartan women... Spoke their minds
Queen gorgo, a significant Spartan woman, advised her father to rsist a bribe; decoded a warning that Persian forces were coming to invade Greece; was the wife of Leonidas I
What is the name of the valley in which Sparta settled? Valley of Evrotes
What was the purpose of Votive offerings? To get luck or fulfill a wish
From which battle did Sparta never recover? Leuctrain
The love of Sparta is called Laconism
In Greek mythology, who is Lacedeamon's father? Zeus
In the 7th & 8th centuries, what did Sparta experience? Lawlessness & civil strife
Why did Sparta not join the League of Greeks? They didn't want to be in anything that wasn't under Spartan leadership
Who was in charge of Sparta? 2 Kings
What age did Spartans start training their kids? 7
What was the purpose of the Krypteia? To kill Helots as a form of terrorism.
Who created deomcracy in Athens? Kleisthenes
Most of the Acrpolis was given over to which god/goddess' cult? Athena
Which building was the most important cult building on the Acropolis? Erechtheion
The legislation was passed by which two bodies? Ekklesia, The boule
Who established a dictatorship in 514 B.C.? Hippias
Cleisthenes replaced the traditional four Ionic "tribes" with how many news ones? 10
After the war with Sparta who restored democracy in Athens? Thrasybulus
Which river was to the north of Athens? Eridanos
Athens was rebuilt, after it was burnt by Xerxes in 480 BC, under the administration of who? Themistocles
Who is the founder of the Acropolis? Cecrops
Women in Sparta were: Fed the same food as men
At what age were women in Sparta typically married? late teens/early 20's
Spartan women had more freedom than any other women in other regions. True
Many women in Sparta: didn't cook & clean, participate in exercise with men, & stay home all day long
Spartan women were allowed to own: Property & land
The laws regarding a divorce were the same for both men and women. False
Spartan women often took part in politics. True
Spartan women did not wear Pants, dresses, concealing clothes
Spartan women were the sole owners of at least 35% of all land and property in Sparta. False
Spartan women were allowed to: participate in sports; speak their minds in public; own their own property
What city is Thebes located in? Boeotia
What art form was Thebes known for? Silks
To who did the Greeks attribute the founding of Thebes to? Cadmus
Cadmus was known for all of the following: Teaching the Phoenician alphabet; building the acropolis; acted as the kking of the Phoenicians; was the husband of Queen Europa; NOT the brother of Queen Europa
To what did Thebes owe its importance and success: Its military strength
Which village did the Athenians help retain their independence from Thebes: Plataea
Who were the Thebans strong allies of during the Peloponnesion War? Sparta
After their defeat in the Battle of Leuctra, which group was permanently crippled by Thebes? The Spartans
Which incident left Thebes as a secondary power? The death of Epaminondas
What lead to the ultimate destruciton of Thebes? A failed revolt against Alexander the great
Where was Athens located? Attica & Southwest slope of Mount Lycabettus
Which river(s) were near Athens? Eridanos, Cephissus, and Ilissos
Who rebuilt the city, Athens, after it was burnt by Xerxes? Themistocles
What geographical term best describes Thebes? Plains
Why is the location of Sparta an advantage? There are two moountain ranges on either side of Spara creating a natural blockade; Natural spring water flows in through the Evoras river always promising drinking water
What resulted from Greece being very mountainous? Many small regions each with their own dialect, identity, and cultural differences
Which city-state had the most efficient natural defenses? Sparta
Which statement is not true? The Long Walls were built in Thebes, to keep out frequent invaders.
What was the key element in Athenian strategy? The Long Walls that were built to provide a connection to the sea during times of war.
Which statement is true concerning Athens? The walled city measured almost one mile.
The fragmentary nature of ancient Greece increased: conflict, but limited warfare
City-states had to rely on their own citizens to fight because they were unable to maintain professional army
Because citizens had to fight to protect their own city-state: duration of campaigns was limited
The battles intended to be decisive
The most slain included: generals and citizens in the front
Warfare in ancient Greece changed dramatically as a result of: Greco-Persian Wars
The city states grouped together to form a bigger army which lead to: triumph
The rise of Athens and Sparta, led directly to: Greco-Persian War & further development of warfare, strategy & tactics
Cities dominated by Athens and Sparta allowed: diversification of warfare
What changes greatly increased the number of casualities and disruption of Greek society? Increased reliance on attirtionary strategies, naval battle, blockades, and sieges; increased reliance on citizens, miltary strategies, and sieges
Thebes is located in what subdivision of Greece: Central Greece
What region of Greece is Thebes located in? Boeotia
Which city was the rival of Thebes? Athens
During which period was Thebes most famous for its silks? Byzantine
Which myth is attributed to Thebes? The expolits of Herakles
Who is credited with the foundation of Thebes? Cadmus
Wht did Alexander the Great do to the Thebans when he razed Thebes? Sold them into slavery
Because he destroyed Thebes, Alexander the Great would do what if he came across a former Theban? Offer them favors
When was Thebes re-established? 315 or 316 BC
Latin dominance lasted in Thebes to 1458, until who captured it? Ottomans
For most of Greek history, what was the one Greek city-state that had public education? Sparta
What idd girls have to learn during childhood? Reading, writing & arithmetic
What does the term Paedotribae refer to? Sports
What was more important to the ancient Greek: their job or their citizenry? Citizenry
At what age idd boys start to go to school? 7
Who are the paidagogos? slaves
True or false: the Spartan girls are thought to have gone through a similar education system with less focus on military training. True
The type of teaching for arithmetic was known as _______? Grammatistes
At what age did schooling start to include sports? 12
What did the richest students do to continue their education? Studied with famous teachers
Which statement is true about the Athenians? Athenians were committed to the arts & sciences
At school boys: memorized Homeric poetry agor; learned drama and public speaking; learned about reading and writing
What did boys typically do aftger middle school? Attended high school and attended at least 2 years of military school.
How did the Peloponnesioan war effect Athens? The war ruined Athens
What was the Parthenon temple built on? The Acropolis
Which god/goddess did the Athenians have a sculpture of in the Parthenon because he/she was believed to watch over the city? Athena
What was the name of the biggestg fun-festival in Athens? Dionysia Festival
What region was controlled by Athens? Attica
Strategoi were: Ten generals chosen from each of the ten "tribes" of citizens.
Which of the following is true about the Athenian government? It was a new way of government; It was a democracy; there were about 500 members on the ruling council. It was NOT ruled by men & women.
What was the rigorous training and eductaion regimen that Spartiates underwent? Agoge
It is true that Spartan women: Spartan law forbade the marriage of a girl until she was in her late teens or early 20"s; wore peplos and moved freely about the city; were literate and numerate. Not true that laws regarding divorce differed between men & women
What is the best description of a Perioikoi in Spartan society? They served partyly as military reserve, skilled craftsmen, and agents of foreign trade.
Which was a way to become a Spartan citizen? Undergo the agoge as a Spartiate; Trophimoi as foreigh students; Enroll as a syntrophos as a helot son. NOT purchase Spartan land.
Choose the best description of a king's duties during Classical Spartan society. Religious, judicial, and military.
AFter Sparta's defeat at Crete in 331 BC, Alexander forced Sparta to do what? Join the League of Corinth
The battle of Thermopylae included which of the following? The Thebans
All of the following statements are true: Sparta is located in the region of Laconia; Ancient Sparta was built on the banks of th eEvrotas River; Sparta had a harbor, Gytheio, on the Laconian Gulf.
In Greek mythology: Lacedaemon married Sparta.
Which was a part of Spartan society? Mothakes; Early military training; Perioikoi. NOT personal wealth.
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