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hematology Ch 1 to 4

What is the average M:E (myelocyte:erythrocyte) ratio for normal adult none narrow? 3:1 to 4:1
the key organs involved in extramedullary hematopoiesis include: liver and spleen
which is the best test to assess the bone marrow's response to anemic stress reticulocyte count
anybody-coated red cells that have their antibodies stripped in the spleen usually reappear in the circulation as: spherocyte
a peripheral blood indicator of ineffective bone marrow is polychromatophilic macrocytes (reticulocyte)
the hormone responsible for signaling red cell development in epo (erythropoietin)
what is the perfect size for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy iliac crest
a Wright-stained smear of a patient with an elevated reticulocyte count should show large red bluish cells, polychromatophilic macrocytes
one of the key of morphological features of the nucleus red cell stage is baseball round nucleus
the red cell protein that is responsible for the deformabillity and flexibility of the red cell is spectrin and ankyrin
increased plasma cholesterol may lead to the development of which of these abnormal red cell morphologies target cells
which of the following RBC pathways is responsible for providing 90% of the cellular ATP for red cell metabolism embden-meyerhof (EM) pathway
the hemoglobin molecule consists of 4 heme molecules with iron at the Center (2 pairs) 2 pairs of globin chains
When hemolysis is produced by intravascular fragmentation of red cells, which red cell morphology will be produced? schistocytes
Reversible sickled cells are described as having a half moon with no pointed projections
What percent of hemoglobin is synthesized in the reticulocyte stage 35%
Epsilon and zeta chains are part of which hemoglobin? Gowers 1 & 2 and Portland
Which abnormal hemoglobin will result in a cyanotic condition? methemoglobin aka Hgb M
The hemoglobin molecule will either hold onto or release oxygen depending on the venous pulmonary circulation to arterial
how many genes are responsible for the production of alpha chains? 4
Fetal hemoglobin consist of what Hgb F (A2Y2) 'alpha2 gamma2'
Which organs are the most affected during extravascular lysis spleen, liver, lymphnodes, and bone marrow
The degree of effective erythropoietic (production of RBCs) activity in any hematological disorder is most readily assessed by the increased reticulocyte count
The red cell inclusion derived from denatured hemoglobin is Heinz bodies
Polychromatophilic macrocytes in the peripheral smear are defined as reticulocytes
The last nucleated stage of erythrocytic maturation is orthochromic normoblast aka matarubicocyte aka nucleated RBC
What clinical condition is a definitive sign of intravascular lysis hemoglobinemia
What is the most useful corrective action for the microscope when details cannot be visualized in immature cells Use 100x and open diaphragm
Behaviors that are standard precautions are: wearing PPE and treating every patient as if infected
Standards and calibrators differ from control materials because -standards are solutions that have a known amount of analyte and used to calibrate the instrument -Controls are used to monitor the performance after calibration and mimics patient samples
Proper mixing of samples and timely delivery of samples to the laboratory are both examples of what type of lab variable preanalytical
A delta check is a historical reference on samples run in the lab. Once a sample fails a delta check, the most obvious corrective action is to repeat
delta checks, results released, critical results released, specimen checked for clotting, and reflex testing initiated are common examples of what type of lab variable
Error analysis, standard protocols, and turnaround time are all part of the: QA (quality assurance)
The average of a group of delta points is defined as the mean
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