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Budget An itemized summary of expenses
Defecit The amount by which expenditures exceed income
Expenditure Amount of money spent
Fixed Expense An unchanging expenditure
Income Money received
Savings Money that is not spent
Surplus An amount of money remaining after expenses have been met
Take-Home pay Money received after all adjustments and deductions are made.
Unexpected expense An unforeseen cost.
Basic Needs These are the things people cannot live without
Everyday Living What you experience on a typical day
Goals Things you hope to achieve
Health The condition of your body and mind
Moderation Not too much or too little of something
Nutrition Obtained from food and used by our bodies
Opportunity Cost What is lost by choosing one option instead of another.
Sedentry A sedentry lifestyle is one that involves a lot of sitting
Stress Stress is mental or physical tension
Time as an investment The idea that using time will play off
Time management Organizing and using your time well.
values What individuals or cultures think of as important in life.