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terms that are key

they are terms that are important

budget an itemized summary of probable expenditures and income for a given period.
deficit the amount by which expenditures exceed income.
expenditure an amount of money spent
fixed expense an unchanging expenditure
flexible expense an expenditure that varies
income money recieved
savings money that is not spent
surplus an amount of money remaining after all expenses have been met
take-home pay money received after all adjustments and deductions are made
unexpected expence an unforeseen cost
abilities natural or acquired skills or talents
advancements an effort one makes in bettering ones carrer
apptitude an inherent ability or talent
benifets entitlements such as health or life insurance
carrer a chosen proffesion
career path a planned progression of jobs within one or more professions throughout one working life
cost of living the average cost of life basic necessities
cover letter a letter you send with your resume
education going to school
entry level the begining
job work for payment
resume an account of ones work expirience
salar a fixed payment
skills proficiency gained through expireience
standard of living level of material comfort
basic needs things people cannot live without
everyday living what you experience on a typical day
goals things you hope to achieve
health the condition of your body and mind
moderation not too much or too little of something
nutrition obtained from food to keep us in good health
opportunity cost what is lost by choosing one option
sendentary sitting around a lot
stress mental and physical tension
time as an investment spending time wisely will pay off in the end
time management using your time wisely
values what is important to life
land lord who owns an apartment
lease a document that list the details for the renter
location the place where your apartment is.
notice the amount of time to let the landlord know if you wish to discontinue the lease
rent the amount you pay for an apartment
security deposite covers damage to an apartment
tenant the person renting the apartment
term the length of the rental agreement
unit one individual apartment
utilities makes an apartment function.
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