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NOS 2 - Final

What does the C stand for in CNAME record? Canonical
What do the letters MX stand for when talking about a DNS, MX record? Mail Exchange
What is a PTR record? Pointer, reverse lookup, ip to name
What does a SRV record? Service Locator Record, points to a service like Active Directory (required)
What is Dynamic DNS when referring to Microsoft's DNS server in 2003? When it gets an update from DHCP, dynamic DNS will update it's records.
What is the primary diagnostic utility for DNS that is provided with Server 2003? NSLOOKUP
What is the syntax for flushing the DNS resolver cache using IPCONFIG ipconfig /flushdns
How would you display the current contents of the DNS resolver cache on your local computer? ipconfig /displaydns
What does IXFR stand for? Incremental Zone Transfer
What does ADIZ stand for? Active Directory Integrated Zones
What is conditional forwarding? Forwarding of zones that match a defined condition. Based on the domain name will send to a specific DNS server. Speeds up name resolution.
What are stub zones? A read-only copy of a DNS Zone that will identify authoritative DNS server of that zone.
What does the cache.dns file contain? Root name servers
Where the serial numbers stored when dealing with zone transfers? SOA - Start of Authority
When you install ADIZ what happens to the contents of the DNS folder? It is empty, stored in Active Directory now
What are the serial number used for in DNS? Used to track changes to the DNS database file.
What is the refresh interval used for in DNS? How long secondary servers wait before querying the master.
What is the retry interval used for it DNS? If it cannot contact the master, how long it waits before it retries.
What is the expire interval used for in DNS? How long before the secondary server will wait before it stops providing DNS for the zone.
What does it mean to delegate a DNS zone? Giving authority/control of a sub zone to another server.
What directory does the installation program copy files to? $WIN_NT$.~LS
When would you use WINNT instead of WINNT32 for installation? WINNT = clean install, for newer OS that doesn't include NT WINNT32= upgrade, for older OS that had NT already
What does ARC stand for? Advanced Resource Controller
What is slipstreaming Integrated patches or service packs into the original software,
What is the NewSID program used for? Give your computer a new name and security identifier
What does AXFR stand for? Authoritative Zone Transfer (full transfer)
What is a recursive DNS request? Either the requested information or an error must be returned to the client. The client cannot be forwarded to another name server.
What type of DNS request is the following? Recursive, iterative and inverse are possibilities
Why would you choose a larger TTL value? decrease the load on the DNS server
If you operating system is installed on C:\WINDOWS, what would be the path to the DNS configuration files? C:\WINDOWS\System32\dns
What does IETF stand for? Internet Engineering Task Force
What is a Host (A) record? forward lookup, hostname to ip
What type of DNS is the following? Recursive, iterative and inverse are possibilities
What are DACLs? Discretionary Access Control List
What does ACL stand for? Access Control List
What must you do to view the contents of DACL in ADUC? turn advanced features on
What does ADUC stand for? Active Directory Users and Computers
Does denying permissions take precedence over allowing permissions? YES
Which of the following is not a standard permission for active directory objects? change
What does OU stand for? Organizational Unit
What rights do you need to create an OU? read, list contents, and create OU objects
Why should you not use the default users container to hold users? it's not an OU, cant create organization
What is the difference between Security Groups and Distribution Groups? Distribution just e-mail, Security=security + e-mail
Why should you limit the use of Universal Groups? it uses too much computer resources
What is Microsoft's A-G-DL-P strategy? Make Accounts in Global groups which you put into Domain Local groups and set Permissions on them.
Where is DNS zone file information stored once ADIZ is installed? No file. In active directory.
When is zone transfer initiated? Master notifies secondary
What does PXE stand for? Preboot Execution Environment
What usually gets checked first when a query is done, the DNS server or the host file? host file
A DNS Client (resolver) can make what three types of queries (name resolution requests). Which is not one of the three? Direct
What does Group Policies in Server 2003 replace from NT 4.0? System Policies
What does GPO stand for? Group Policy Object
Group policies can be assigned to user accounts or / and computers? True
GPO's may be applied to? Users, Groups, Computers, etc
What does GPMC stand for? Group Policy Management Console
You can specify GP settings for? Users and Computers
Which of the following is a type of script that you can create in Windows 2003 batch, VBScript, JScript
What does GPC stand for? Group Policy Container
What does GPT stand for? Group Policy Template
Using the letters D-Domain, S-Site, OU, L-Local Machine. Arrange the letters in order of them being applied. L-S-D-OU
GPO's that are linked to a site affects? Local Machine
The GPO processed last wins so long as you don't use what switch at a higher level container? No override
What switch do you use to prevent inheritance from a parent container Block inheritance
Group policies for computers get executed after the same policies are set for users? False
Group policies are refreshed every 60 minutes give or take 30 minutes? False, 90 +/- 30
Where does editing of a GP normally take place? ADUC or GPMC
What minimum permissions must you set for a GP to be executed for a user? Read + Apply Group Policy
What minimum permissions must you have to manage an existing GP? Read + Write
When you have more than one GP assigned to an object, the GP at the top of the list is executed first. False
You can individually disable Computer Configuration settings or User Configuration Settings in a GP. True
GPO’s cannot be linked to more than one OU? False
Computer Administrative Templates are applied to what 2000/XP/2003 Registry keys? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ Software\ Policies
GP settings for computers and users are subdivided into three sub-categories. What are the sub-categories? Software Settings, Windows Settings, Administrative Templates
User Administrative Templates are applied to what 2000/XP.2003 Registry keys? HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Policies
What folders in a users profile may be redirected? Application Data, Desktop, My Documents, Start Menu
What does UNC stand for? Universal Naming Convention
What environmental variable can be used to represent the current logged in user? %username%
Can you access GP’s through ADUC once GPMC is installed? Y/N NO
What is an example of an Active Directory object? User, Group, OU, etc.
What is an example of an Active Directory object attribute? Domain Local, Global, Universal
The set of rules Active Directory uses to define the different object types it contains is called? schema
CN=Joe Student, OU=CST8239, DC=AlgonquinCollege, DC=Com is an example of what type of name? Distinguished Component
Joe Student is an example of what type of name? Common Name
What does UPN stand for? User Principal Name
JoeS@AlgonquinCollege.com is an example of what type of name? log on name
What does GUID stand for? Globally Unique Identifier
What is a domain? Group of computers all have access to Domain Controller (security)
Which one of the following is not one of the four domain functional levels? Windows 2000 native, Windows 2000 mixed, Windows Server 2003 interim, Windows Server 2003
When you change domain functional level to a higher level can you change back without doing a restore? Y/N NO
What is the name given to the type of the containers that we create in a domain to hold users, etc? Organizational Unit
Why might you need to create more than one domain? Geographic location, security.
A tree ______ DNS namespace. shares contiguous
A forest may contain one or more trees. These trees _______ DNS namespace. have discontiguous
Which of the following is not one of the three forest functional levels that are supported on Windows Server 2003? Windows 2000, Windows server 2003 interim, Windows Server 2003
A trust Relationship is a link between two domains in which? Users on the trusted domain can log into the trusting domain, give permissions.
The trust relationship is diagramed using an arrow. The arrowhead always points to the? Trusted Domain
In Windows Server 2003 forest, _____________ trusts automatically exist between all Domains in the forest. transitive (forest root)
Windows NT networks use a __________ trust relationship to link domains. non-transitive, one-way
What directory is the Active Directory database file stored? C:\Windows\System32\ntds\ntds.dit
What command do you use to install Active Directory? dcpromo
Created by: Datheral