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ST210 Q1

Liz ST210 Q1 over Intro to ST

1. A ST must continually seek opportunities for ____ growth Professional and Personal
2. Father of Modern Anatomy Vesalius
3. Which is part preoperative case management Creating the sterile field
4. AST Association of Surgical Technologists
5. T/F - Positioning of a Pt is the duty of the sterile team members False
6. Which is a duty of a non-sterile team member Providing addtl items to the sterile field during the surgical procedure
7. Today, which is the title of a ST that has successfully finished an accredited program and has passed the certification examination CST
8. The healthcare professional that operates the cardiopulmonary bypass machine Perfusionist
9. Which is the duty of a STSR team member Anticipating the needs of the pt & surgeon providing necessary items in order
10. CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
11. Oversees academic accreditation for the field of ST ARC-ST
12. Father of microbiology Louis Pasteur
13. ___ is responsible for the Nat'l Certification for both CST and CFA accredentials NBSTSA
14. In a hospital setting, the individual who oversees nursing service DON (Director of Nursing)
15. In the AST logo, which of the following represents the STSR The filled in circle to the left of the dark rectangle
16. Which of the following team member roles doesn't include draping the pt CRNA
17. Of all the tasks & roles that a surgical technologists may play during his/her career, the most important is Guarantor of Sterile Technique in the OR
18. When you graduate, what level of ST are you considered? Level 1
19. Define Elective
20. What type of hand washing do STs do? Count Brush Stroke Method
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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