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CRJ Oral Study Guide

Pinnacle CRJ Oral Study Guide

Who is responsible to ensure a Preflight Inspection is accomplished The Captain is responsible to ensure a preflight inspection is accomplished.
When is a Detailed Preflight Inspection Required Prior to the first flight of the day, after significant maintenance has been performed or anytime the aircraft's condition is in question.
What does an item with an asterisk next to it indicate on the Preflight Inspection? An item that must be checked during the aircraft security search as directed by the FOM.
Before the first flight of the day: galley, ceiling, and sidewall lights must be illuminated bright, for how long, and why? For 15 minutes to sufficiently charge the floors track photoluminescent lighting.
Before conducting the APU Fire Test during the Flight Deck Safety Check, What must you ensure? That there is no APU Fire Fail caution message on the EICAS primary page.
What is the minimum voltage required on the APU and main batteries prior to starting the APU? 22 Volts
At what %RPM does the APU started normally cut out during an APU start? 50% RPM
When does the APU Green AVAIL indication light illuminate 95% RPM +4 Secs
What does the Green AVAIL indication light mean? The AVAIL light indicates that the APU is available for bleed-air extraction.
After the APU is started, how long must you wait before applying bleed air loads? 2 minutes, except when the APU is used for emergencies or abnormal conditions.
How long does it take AHRS to initialize in the MAG mode? 30 to 70 secs
How long can it take for AHRS alignment in the DG mode? Up to 11 minutes
What is the primary purpose of the Flight Deck Safety Check? To apply electrical power to the aircraft.
When is the Flight Deck Inspection required? -Aircraft's First Flight of the Day -Crew/Aircraft Change -Aircraft status in question
What does * next to items mean on the Flight Deck Inspection? First Flight of the Day items
What precaution must be taken prior to turning hydraulic pump 3A on during the Safety Check? Confirm the Nose Area is clear or Nose Door Closed
How quickly must AC electrical power be established after the battery master switch has been turned on? 5 min to prevent EICAS overheating
What documents are required to be checked and ensured to be on board the aircraft? -AML -QRH -MEL -CDL -DDL -Speed Cards -Airworthiness Certificate -Registration -Radio Station License
When should the Before Start Check be accomplished? Approximately 10 minutes prior to departure
Cleared to Start Check- Papers.....On Board, What papers must be on board? -Manual Load Manifest(as required) -Dispatch flight release/flight plan -Customs clearance (as required)
When checking the Fuel Check Valve, what is the procedure if you do not get the R Fuel Lo Press caution message after 20 secs? -Initiate the Right Engine Start -Prior to introducing fuel to the R ENG, the R FUEL LO PRESS caution message should display momentarily as residual fuel pressure is reduced.
When can the Wing Anti-Ice Test be completed? The Wing Anti-Ice Test can only be performed with both engines operating
When conducting the APR TEST, What indications should be observed? -APR icon illuminates on both N1 gauges -APR TEST 1 OK (APR TEST 2 OK) advisory message
Referencing the After Start Check, response to Electrics.....Checked, What is required to be checked? -All buses powered -loads, voltages, frequencies within normal ranges -No abnormal messages displayed
When conducting Single Engine Taxi Procedures, when should the second engine be started? This checklist is accomplished when approximately number 4 for takeoff, but no less than 2 minutes prior to departure.
When completing the After Landing Checklist, when are we required to leave the flaps at 20? If the approach was made in icing conditions or if the runway was covered with slush or snow.
How long after engine shutdown do we do the Engine Oil Check? 3 minutes to 2 hours after engine shutdown
What is the purpose of the exit checklist? To leave the aircraft powered and unattened for short periods of time. (5 mins to 1 hour)
What is the purpose of the Termination Check? to remove electrical power from the aircraft. (Greater than 1 hour)
Crewmembers are not allowed to take Viagra within how many hours prior to flying? 12 hours
After donating blood or a transfusion, how long is a crewmember restricted from flying? 24 hours
What is the policy on commercial flying outside of Pinnacle Airlines? No company flight crewmember may engage in commercial flying other than that performed for the company.
When is the Fasten Seatbelt sign required to be on? While the aircraft is taxiing, during takeoff and landing, and during turbulent air conditions.
How do we determine whether we need an Alternate at a non-CAT II airport? 1. When the destination weather from 1 hour before to 1 hour after ETA is forecast to be at least 2000 AGL and 3 miles visibility. 2. Captain / Dispatcher requests one. 3. Braking action report is poor or nil 4. X-wind component is greater than 25kts
When do we need a Takeoff Alternate? A takeoff alternate must be specified on the release unless, after takeoff, the crew would be able to return and land at the departure airport given the current weather conditions, airplane status, and crew qualifications.
What are the types of hydroplaning that flight crews can experience? Dynamic, Viscous, and Reverted Rubber
Created by: hbmiller4
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