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Voc list 4

Root Word (Mono) one
Monogamy Marriage to only one person at a time
Monopoly Exclusive control by one group of a commodity or service
Monosyllable A word of aone syllable
Monotonous Having one tone;lack of variety variation
Root Word (Morph) Form
Amorphous Without definite form or shape, origanization
Anthropomorphism Assigning human characterisitice or behavior to inanimate objects or animales
Metamorphosis Change of form or shape. Changing from one ling thing to another
Morphine A drug use to bring sleep or ease pain
Morphology The branch of biology that makes a study of the form of animales or plants
Root Word (Pan) All
Panacea A remedy for all illness or difficulties
Pandemonium Paradise lost; a wild uproar
Panoply Any magnificent of impressive array; a full suit of armor;ceremonial attire
Panorama a view in all directions
Pantheism The doctrine that all god is all laws and forces of nature and the universe
Pantheon A temple of all the gods also, the place of the idols of any group
Root Word (Path) Feeling, or suffering
Antipathy A feeling against someone of something; a strong dislike
Apathy A lack of feeling; indifference
Empathy A feeling as if one were in other person's place; an understanding so intimate that one participates in another's feelings
Pathological Caused by a disease
Sympathy A feeling together with someone or something; a feeling for another person
Root Word (Ped) Foot
Expedient Useful in getting a desired result
Expedite To speed the process
Impede To hinder the process
Impediment Anything that hinderes
Pedestrian One who goes on foot
Root Word (Phil) To love
Philharmonic Devoted to music; a symphony orchestra
Philosophy The love pursuit of wisdom through reasoning
Philanthropist One who loves people; Particulary one who gives money to benefits humanity
Root Word (Phob) Fear
Claustrophobia An excessive or illogical fear of high places
Phobia An excessive or illogical fear of some particular thing or situation
Xenophobia Fear of hatred of foreigners or strangers
Root Word (Phon) Sound
Cacophony Disagreeable or discordant sounds
Phonetics The branch of language study dealing with speech sounds and their symbols
Polyphonic Having of making many sounds;representing more than one sound
Symphony A harmony of sounds
Root Word(Post) After
Posterior Located behind
Posterity Those who come after; future generations
Posthumously After the death of the father,as a child born posthumously
Post Meridiem Abbreviated (P.M.)after noon
Postmortem An examination after death; an autopsy
Perposterous Contrary to nature,reason, or common sense; asurb ( the idea of flying to the moon is perposterous)
Root Word (Pre) Before
Precedent An act that goes before and may serve as an example for later acts
Precipitate To hasten the occurrence of
Preclude To make impossible by a previous action; to prevent
Precocious Prematurely develope, as a precocious child
Predilection To love before others; a prefrence
Prejudice A judgement formed beforehand without Examination of the fact
Prerequisite Something required beforehandk
Root Word (Pro) Forward, before,for, forth
Proclivity An inclination toward something; especially toward something objectionable
Procrastinate To push task foward until tomorrow
Profuse Pouring forth freely; generous
Propensity A natural inclination( he has a propensity for putting things off
Proponent one who argues in favor of something; an advocate
Protuberant Bulging ( something polking out futher than anything
Root Word (re) Back, Again
Recede To go back as, a river recedes from its bank
Remit To sens back as, to remit payment
Residue The part that remains after part has been separated away, as the residue in the bottom of a vase
Retain To hold back or keep in one's possession
Revive To clause to live again
Recalcitrant Obstinate, stubbonly rebellious
Recant To renounce a belief formerly held especially in a formal or public manner
Recession A period of a reduced economic activity
Recluse One who lives shut back from the world
Resilience The ability to recover quickly from illness, shange , or misfortune
Created by: Janesse