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Immuno Jamie

Ch 2

A synonym for an antigenic determinant is: Epitope
Genetically different individuals of the same species are referred to as : Allogenic
Antigenic substances can be composed of: Lg polysaccharides, proteins and glycoproteins
The most important characteristics of an antigen is: Foreignness, degradability, molec. Weight
An antibody is composed of : Proteins
19S IgM
What is the highest antibody in the serum or plasma of health person IgG
what antibody can exist as a dimer IgA
What antibody has the shortest life span IgE
Which antibody has no known sub classes IgD
Which antibody increases in infectious diseases, collagen and hematologic disorders? IgG
Which antibody is produced early in an immune response? IgM
Which antibody is the predominant immunoglobulin in secretions? IgA
What is the primary cell membrane immunoglobulin? IgD
Which antibody mediates some types of hypersensitivity reactions? IgE
Dominate type found on all animals in a species Isotype
Found on the immunoglobins of some but not all of a species allotype
individual determinants characteristic of each antibody idotype
what is the sequence of events for a typical immune response Lag phase, log phase, plateau, decline
Which of the following is false in an anamnestic response vs a primary response IgM is predominate
Which type is capable of placental transfer? IgG
ability of an antibody to combine with one antigen vs another specificity
Strength of a bond between a single antigenic determinant and an individual combining site Affinity
Strength with which a multivalent antibody binds to a multivalent antigen avidity
non-covalent combination of an antigen with its respective specific antibody Immune complex
What are the types of bonds involved in antigen-antibody reactions Hydrophobic, hydrogen, VanDerWaals
Monocovalent antibodies have also been referred to as what? incomplete antibodies
Antibody engineered to bind to a single epitope, purified from a single cell, are used to classify and identify specific cellular membrane characteristics Monoclonal antibody
Antigens are characterized by : usually Lg organic molecules, glycolipids or glycoproteins, also called immunogens
Antibodies are also referred to as- Immunoglobulins
Accounts for 10% of the Ig pool, largely confined to the intravascular system IgM
Diffuses more readily into extra vascular spaces, neutralizes toxins, and binds to microorganisms IgG
Found in tears, saliva, colostrum, milk, and intestinal secretions IgA
Mediates some types of hypersensitivity IgE
Makes up less that 1% of the total immunoglobulins IgD
What is the short chain of an Ig Called? Fab Section
What is the long or heavy chain of an Ig Called? Fc Section
In the Immune "bell curve" what are the 4 areas called, how are they different between 1st exposure and the 2nd exposure? "A Lag phase B Log Phase C Plateau D Decline Phase
What are the characteristics of secondary response IgG is predominant, It has a shorter Lag phase, more gradual decline
Bonding of antigen to antibody happens exclusively in Noncovalent bonding
The strongest bonds result from what? Goodness of fit
Monoclonal have what characteristics cloned from single cell, purified antibody, engineered to bind to a single antigen
T or F, IgM is predominate in a secondary response False
Created by: BOMLT