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Body fluid review


CSF is collected utilizing this procedure lumbar puncture
This location is routinely used for the collection of CSF L3, L4, L5
This number of sterile tubes are collected during CSF collection 3
The CSF tubes are sent to these departments chemistry, microbiology, hematology, serology
CSF hematology tubes must be tested within immediately, STAT, or within an hour
The cell count most commonly done on CSF is WBC count
The cells found in normal CSF are 70% lymphocytes, 30% monocytes
The finding of these cells in CSF are abnormal neutrophils, macrophages, blast, lymphoma, ependymal, eosinophils
A high CSF count consisting mainly of neutrophils indicates bacterial meningitis
A CSF with a moderately elevated WBC count and a high % of lymps and Monos suggest meningitis; viral tubercular, fungal, or parasitic origin, multiple sclerosis
CSF sample with increased eosinophils indicate parasitic, fungal infections, foreign material, shunts and medication
The normal value for CSF protein is 15 - 45 mg/dL
CSF gamma globulin is primarily IgG
IgM and beta lipoproteins are found in normal CSF False
These are the two most common causes of elevated CSF protein meningitis and hemorrhage
Name 2 routinely used techniques for measuring CSF protein are turbidity production or dye binding
What will CSF protein electrophoresis provide separation of protein
Normal CSF glucose vs. plasma glucose is CSF glucose value is 60% to 70% of plasma glucose
A high CSF glucose is a result of plasma elevation
A low CSF glucose is a result of Meningitis; alteration of glucose transport across the blood brain barrier and increased use of glucose by the brain cells
Name all the immunological procedures used for CSF testing ELISA (enzyme linked immuno sorbent), BAT (bacterial antigen test), Latex aggulation, FTA-ABS
What is the name of the procedure used to diagnose neurosyphilis Serologic testing, FTA-ABS
Name 2 reasons why seminal fluid is analysed infertility and post vasectomy
What parameters are used when evaluating infertility Volume, Viscosity, pH, Motility, Morphology
Presence of semen can be determined by the presence of this enzyme prostatic acid phosphatase
What is another name for synovial fluid joint fluid
Synovial fluid will clot False, because synovial fluid doesn't have fibrinogen
What departments are synovial fluid sent to Microbiology, hematology, chemistry, and serology
Low glucose levels in synovial fluids may indicate what inflammation or septic disorders
Blood glucose vs. synovial glucose close but should not be more than 10mg/dL lower than blood value
Name additional chemistry tests can be ordered on synovial fluid Total protein and uric acid
What role does microbiology department play with regard to synovial fluid detection of organisims
Name 3 closed body cavities Plural, pericardia, peritoneal
Body cavities are lined with ______ membranes serous
Name the procedure name for an abdominal cavity aspiration paracentesis
Name the procedure name for the collection of pleural cavity thoracentesis
Classify effusions of serous fluid Transudate and exudate
Effusion that form a systemic disorder that disrupts filtration and re absorption of fluids is Transudate
Effusion that forms because of a condition involving the cavity membranes is called exudate
Name the test(s) that is useful for differentiate between a hemothorax and a hemorrhagic exudate hematocrit
Name commonly ordered chemistry tests on pleural fluid glucose, pH, ADA, and amylase
Name the procedure for collecting amniotic fluid amniocentesis
What is the name of the test that can determine if a preterm delivery can be safely concidered L/S ratio (lecithin-sphingomylein)
Routine fecal screening test include microscopic, macroscopic, and chemical analysis
The term "occult" means not seen/ hidden
What is the normal pH of stool 7 to 8
Name the test that is useful for differentiating pleural fluid transudates and exudates pleural fluid cholesterol, fluid serum cholesterol ratio; and the pleural fluid and serum total bilirubin ratio
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