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CA I - Unit 5

Computer Applications I Unit 5 Spreadsheets - Simple Worksheets

Active Cell the cell that appears outlined with a thick border on the worksheet
Cell the intersection of a row and a column where data or functions can be entered; such as B12, C4, A2
Cell Address the letter and number that represent the intersection of the column and row to form that cell
Column vertical group of cells identified by a letter in a worksheet
Currency number format that prints dollar symbols and commas and specified decimal places
Formula a series of calculations, expressions, numbers, and operators to carry out a command in mathematics
General Format shows only the digits in the number and no commas
Label entry in a cell that begins with a letter and is left-aligned
Math Operators symbols used in mathematical equations (+ - * / ^)
Mathematical Order of Operation the order in which calculations take place (exponents, parentheses, multiply/divide, add/subtract)
Row horizontal group of cells identified by a number in a worksheet
SUM (AutoSum) built-in formula that calculates the sum of a range of cells
Value entry in a cell that begins with a number and is right-aligned
Workbook a collection of worksheets
Worksheet individual page or sheet in a workbook; shown by a tab at the bottom of the screen
Created by: mtyler