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CA I - Unit 2

Computer Applications I Unit 2 Word Processing Creating Simple Documents

AutoComplete a word processing feature that automatically finishes certain text items or phrases after the user begins typing; such as dates, names, etc.
Backspace deleting text to the left of the insertion point
Business Letter formal means of communication outside a business
Default Setting the current setting or action taken by hardware or software if the user has not specified otherwise
Delete removing text to the right of the insertion point
File Management the process of organizing files and folders; naming appropriately, using folders, etc.
Folder storage directory for files or other folders on a computer
Font a type of design applied to an entire set of characters; such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc.
Font Size the height of characters in points
Font Style emphasis added to text such as underline, bold, italics, etc.
Grammar Check a feature that checks sentence structure and punctuation in a document
Insert Key used to switch from regular editing to typeover/overtype mode
Memo correspondence within a company or organization
Non-Printing Characters hidden formatting marks that do not print and are helpful in locating formatting errors
Print Preview menu option that allows user to look at a document before printing to ensure proper formatting
Proofreading editing a printed or electronic document for errors
Reports a one-page or multi-page document used to summarize research or findings
Spell Check a feature used to locate and correct spelling errors
Thesaurus tool used to look up synonyms for a selected word to add variety and interest in a document; such as a report
Word Wrap text automatically moves from one line to the next
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