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4/11/13 WD2 SA

Internet Service Provider (ISP) An organization that maintains a gateway to the internet and rents access to customers on a per-user or subscription basis.
Voice over IP (VoiP) A technology that converts voice into data packets for transmission over a packet-switched IP network. Allows the use of internet for real-time voice and video traffic
uniterruptible power supply (UPS) a device that contains a battery to provide power during a power outage
unified communications (UC) a business trend that seeks to simplify and integrate all forms of communication. also a set of technologies that enable voice to be converted into text and vice verse.
presencing The ability for a device to automatically track and report the users location and attainability
front end a client that acts as an interface to a collection of servers. a web browser is typical front end client
back end A series of systems that fulfill requests made by a client. Back-end systems can include mainframes and servers containing information databases.
cloud computing Software, infrastructure and platform services that are hosted by a remote data center and provided to organizations or individuals over the Internet.
client An individual computer connected to a network. Also, a system or application (such as a Web browser or user agent) that requests a service from another computer (the server) and is used to access files or documents.
server A computer in a network that manages the network resources and provides, or serves, information to clients.
bottleneck A point in network communication at which information is processed more slowly. Also, any element (a hard drive, I/O card or network interface card) that slows network connectivity rates
data information being stored, usually in a database
Hadoop An open-source software platform that allows the storage, processing and analysis of massive amounts of unstructured data; used primarily for cloud applications
legacy model A model that, because of its age, may not support modern technological without manipulation or upgrades
business logic the coding necessary to create relationships in the data stored in a database
presentation responsibilities The forms in which the data and business logic are presented on your screen. Presentation responsibilities include HTML forms and app-specific interfaces such as Web browsers.
Created by: ash.sa2