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BACS 300 CE 11

Functional Processes, Applications, and Systems

functional processes processes that involve activities within a single department or business function, such as accounts payable or inventory management
functional application software that provide features and functions necessary to support a particular business activity
lead-generated application sales and marketing applications that send mailings (postal or email) for the purpose of generating sales prospects
lead-tracking application sales and marketing applications that record data on sales prospects and keep records of customer contacts
customer management application sales and marketing applications that store dato on customer contact, product interests, order history, and credit status, and use that data to provide info for obtaining additional sales from customers
product and brand management applications marketing applications that import records of past sales from order processing or accounts receivable systems and compare those data to projections and sales estimates, in order to assess the effectiveness of promotions, advertising, and general success
operations applications applications that maintain data on finished goods inventory and the movements of goods from inventory to the customer
manufacturing applications applications that support one or more aspects of manufacturing processes, including planning, scheduling, inventory integration, quality control and related processes
inventory applications applications that help control and manage inventory and support inventory policy.
bill of materials list of materials that comprise a product
master production schedule (MPS) a plan for producing products. Company analyzes past sales levels to make estimates of future. AKA push manufacturing process
push manufacturing process plan for producing products where company analyzes past sales levels, makes estimates of future sales, and creates a master production schedule. Pushed into sales
pull manufacturing process manufacturing process whereby products are pulled through manufacturing by demand. Items manufactured in response to signals from customers or other production processes
materials requirements planning (MRP) An IS that plans the need for materials and inventories of materials used in the manufacturing process. Does NOT include planning of personnel equipment or facilities
Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) Follow-on to MRP that includes the planning of personnel, materials, and machinery. Supports many linkages across the organization and capability to perform what-if analyses on variances
Human resources applications applications that support recruitment, compensation, evaluation, and professional development of affiliated personnel
accounting applications applications that support accounting functions, such as budgeting, cash management, accounts payable/receivable, and financial reporting
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