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BACS 300 Chapter 7

Enterprise Systems

information silos condition that exists when data are isolated in separate information systems
personal information systems Information systems used by a single individual
workgroup information system IS that is shared by a group of people for a particular purpose
departmental information system workgroup IS that support a particular department
functional information systems workgroup IS that support a particular business function
enterprise information system Information systems that support activities in multiple departments
interenterprise information system IS shared my two or more independent organizations
islands of automation structure that results when functional applications work independently in isolation from one another. Usually problematic because data are duplicated, integration difficult, results can be inconsistent.
business process reengineering activity of altering and designing business processes to take advantage of now ISs
inherent processes the procedures that must be followed to effectively use licensed software.
customer relationship management system (CRM) set of business processes for attracting, selling, managing, and supporting customers
customer life cycle the processes of marketing, customer acquisition, relationship management, and loss/churn that must be managed by CRM systems
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)applications cross functional, enterprise wide applications that integrate the primary value-chain activities with the functions of human resources and accounting
enterprise application integration (EAI) applications that support cross-functional business processes by integrating existing functional applications. Organization need not replace existing applications. Layers of software.
self-efficacy a person's belief that they can be successful at their job.
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