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Behind the Scenes

Database collection of related data that can be easily stored, sorted, organized, and queried
Data Redundancy duplicated data
Data Inconsistency not possible to tell which data was correct easily
Data Centralization ensures data integrity
Data Integrity the data contained in the database is accurate and reliable
Database Administrator an individual trained in the design and building of databases
Field place where a database stores each category of information;p displayed in columns
Data Type indicates what type of data can be stored in the field
Field Name way of describing the field
Text Field can hold any combination of alphanumeric data but is most often used to hold words
Numeric Field stores numbers
Computational Field a numeric field that stores the contents of a calculation
Date/Time Field Holds data such as birthdays and due dates
Memo Field Like a text field but can hold long pieces of text
Object Field Holds items such as pictures, video clips, or documents
Hyperlink Field stores hyperlinks to web pages
Table a group of related records
Primary Key Unique field that is used to keep records distinct
Record a group of related fields
Relation a table that contains related data
Object-oriented Database stores data in object rather than in tables
Structured Data analytical
Unstructured Data nontraditional data such as audio clips
Binary Large Object encoded in binary form
Query Language a specially designed computer language that is used to manipulate data in or extract data from a database
Multidimensional Database stores data in more than two dimensions
Database Management System specially designed application software that interacts with the user, other applications, and the database to capture and analyze data.
Data Dictionary Place where the description of the data is stored
Default Value value the database uses for the field unless the user enters another value
Metadata data that describes other data
Input Form provides a view of the data fields to be filled
Validation the process of ensuring that data entered into the database is correct and complete
Validation Rule set up in the student database to alert the user if a clearly wrong entry is entered
Range Check ensures that the data entered into the databases falls within a certain range of numbers
Field Constraint a property that must be satisfied for an entry to be accepted into the field
Completeness Check ensures that all fields defined as required have data entered into them
Consistency Check compares the values of data in two or more fields to see if these values are reasonable
Browsing Viewing records
Query Question or inquiry
Relationship a link between tables that defines how the data is related
Normalization Reduce data redundancy by recording data only once
Foreign Key the primary key of another table that is included for purposes of establishing relationships with one another
Referential Integrity for each value in the foreign key of the table, there is a corresponding value in the primary key of the related table
Time-variant Data doesn't all pertain to one period in time
Clickstream Data captured information about each click that users make as they navigate through the site
Data Staging extraction, transformation, and storage
Data Mart small slices of the data warehouse
Information System software-based solution used to gather and analyze information
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