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semester note

What are the different types of physical network typologies? star ,mesh ,token bus ,token ring
What type of cables are used on each of the different types of physical topological? Token bus - coaxial cable token ring - twisted cable mesh - Ethernet star - Ethernet
What are the different types of virtual network topological? LAN man wan
What virtual typologies use which types of physical devices? Star typologies uses switches and it is linked with LAN mesh typologies uses Ethernet cables and routers and is linked with and Wan
What can cause each of these physical typologies to fail? line break switch fails router fails
Which network device connects LAN's to other LAN's? routers connect LAN's to LAN's
Which network device breaks a LAN into multiple collision domains? - switches
What is a gateway? A router that allows you to connect a different network with a different network protocol
What are the different types of partitions? Active - primary - extended system
What are the different types of volumes? simple spanned striped
what are the two types of disks? Basic and Dynamic
What are the different file systems (formats) that we talked about? FAT 64 NTFS FAT 64 ex-fat
What is the purpose of a graphics card? Processing graphics
What other computer component functions the same as a graphics card? Processor functions the same as the graphics card
How do we link graphics card and the processor together Bridge
What type of bus does a modern graphics card go into? PCIe 3.0 x16
What is CSMA/CD? Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection - this is a fancy name for ethernet
What is IEEE? Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
What are the layers of the OSI model? Application Presentation Session Transport Network Data-link Physical
Application Message
Presentation Message
Session Message
Transport Message segment
Network Packets and Data-grams
Datalink Frames
Physical Bits
FCS Trailer Part of the data link layer
IP Header Part of the network layer
LAN Local area network
MAN Metropolitan area network
WAN wide are network
Created by: harshpatel244