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PBHS music2

more music

He is the chief advisor to Ivan the Terrible; He killed Ivan's younger son, Dimitri Boris Godunov by Mussorsky
The dance Salome did for King Herod Dance of the Seven Veils
Rent is based upon this opera La Boheme
"Rent" music and lyrics by Jonathon Larson
Madame Butterfly is based upon a play by David Belasco
What happens in the end to Cio-Cio-San stabs herself with her father's dagger after giving her son, Trouble, to Pinkerton and new wife Kate
opera setting in Nagasaki Madame Butterfly--Puccini
Four extremely poor friends in the French Quarter of Paris La Boheme--Puccini
William Tell is based on a play by Friedrich von Schiller
Both the Barber of Seville and the Marriage of Figaro were based upon his plays Pierre de Beaumarchais
The son sets the house on fire as a signal for the Swiss to rise in revolt in this opera William Tell--Rossini
Barber of Seville is the prequel to the Marriage of Figaro
The third Figaro play in the Beaumarchais trio The Guilty Mother
Her lover, Escamillo, stabs her Carmen
Commissioned for the opening of the Suez Canal Aida--Verdi
Because it was finished late, Aida premiered at the opening of this place the Cairo Opera House
She is a young gypsy who works in a cigarette factory in Seville Carmen--Bizet
opera--love story of famous opera singer Floria _____ and painter/activist Mario Cavaradossi Tosca--Puccini
The Horah is danced to Hava Nagila
Opera setting--Kingdom of Naples' control of Rome is threatened by Napoleon's invasion of Italy Tosca
Set in seedy Kit-Kat Club in Weimar Berlin Cabaret
"Wilkommen" sung by risque' Master of Ceremonies Cabaret (sung by Joel Grey in the movie)
Sally Bowles falls in love with Cliff Bradshaw Cabaret
Based on Isherwood's "Goodbye to Berlin" Cabaret
Tevye in Tsarist Russia. Family forced to leave their village, Anatevka because they are Jews. Fiddler on the Roof
"The Bottle Dance" "Matchmaker" "Sunrise, Sunset" "If I Were a Rich Man" Fiddler on the Roof
"Edelweiss" "Do-Re-Mi" "My Favorite Things" "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" The Sound of Music
"Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'" "The Surrey With the Fringe on the Top" Oklahoma
The Rake's Progress composer Igor Stravinsky
Ballet about a traditional Russian puppet made of straw with a body made of sawdust who comes to life and develops emotions Petrushka by Stravinsky
He fled Nazi persecution (1933) moving from Berlin to LA where he completed "A Survivor from Warsaw" Schoenberg
Unfinished opera, "Moses and Aron" composer Schoenberg
"El Salon Mexico" and "Billy the Kid" composer Copland
He wrote the book,"What's to Listen For in Music" Copland
"Lincoln Portrait" featuring spoken portions of Lincoln's writings Copland
the Shaker hymn, Simple Gifts is within this ballet Appalachian Spring by Copland
Composer of the opera, "The Love for Three Oranges and the ballet, "The Prodigal Son" Prokofiev
Stalin denounced him as decadent. They died on the same day, March 5 Prokofiev
Thirteenth Symphony (Babi Yar) and Seventh Symphony (Leningrad) composer Shostakovich
Babi Yar (by this composer )based on a poem that condemned antisemitism in Germany and the USSR Shostakovich
"The Wooden Prince" and "The Miraculous Mandarin" Belo Bartok
Composer of "Mikrokosmos" an educational piano piece. He fled Nazi-held Hungary for the U.S. Bartok
Studied music at Yale, but sold insurance--his firm was the largest in New York during the 1910s. Charles Ives
Movements of a sonata included movements named Emerson, Hawthorne, Alcott, and Thoreau Ives
His "Third Symphony" won a Pulitzer Prize in 1947 Ives
His song(based on a Vachel Lindsey poem) "General William Booth Enters Into Heaven" Ives
His Basque mother gave him an affinity for Spanish themes. Ravel
"La Valse" and "Mother Goose" Ravel
He re-orchestrated Mussorsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" Ravel
the Trout Quintet Schubert
Founded the Royal Academy of Music Handel
"Music For Royal Fireworks" Handel
Guys and Dolls Frank Loesser
Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson in a bet about a "doll" that turns out to be Sarah Brown from the Salvation Army. Guys and Dolls
"Luck, Be a Lady" "Sit Down. You're Rockin' the Boat" Guys and Dolls
Camelot Lerner and Loewe
Based on King Arthur legend and The Once and Future King by T.H. White Camelot
the song "If Ever I Would Leave You" Camelot
A "doll" is taken to Havana, Cuba on a bet. Guys and Dolls
minimalist music (American) Philip Glass
The Damnation of Faust Berlioz
Harold in Italy Berlioz
"March to the Scaffold" is a section of this work Symphonie Fantastique (Berlioz)
"Dream of a Witches Sabbath" is a section of this work Symphonie Fantastique (Berlioz)
Armenian composer Khachaturian
Spartacus (ballet) Khachaturian
Spent most of his life working for the Esterhazy family Haydn
Symphony #38 "Prague Symphony" Mozart
Mozart was from what country? Austria
More than 600 art songs known as lieder Schubert
Die Fledermaus (The Bat) Johann Strauss (The Younger)
A Survivor from Warsaw Schoenberg
Notoriously scared of "The Curse of the Ninth" Mahler
Atonal operas, "Lulu" and "Wozzeck" Berg (Alban Berg)
The "waltz king" Johann Strauss (the Younger)
Master/virtuoso organist and Belgian composer; classed with JS Bach as best organ virtuosos of all time Franck (Cesar Franck)
"Resurrection" and "Tragic" Symphonies Mahler
Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos
The Moldau Smetna (Czech)
Czech but lived in Sweden for a decade, had tinnitus his entire life Smetna
"Ma Vlast" and "From My Life" Smetna
Wrote his best known work after a family visit to Spillville, IA in 1893 Dvorak (From the New World)
"Moravian Duets", "Stabat Mater", and Rusalka (opera) Dvorak (Czech)
Sinfonietta Janacek (Czech)
Left Germany to live in England and compose for the Hanovers Handel
English Baroque composer; organist for Westminster Abbey; "The Fairy Queen" Purcell (Henry)
Dido and Aeneas; Abdelazar Purcell
Piece written for coronation of Edward VII Pomp and Circumstance
The Land of Hope and Glory; Enigma Variations Elgar (Know that early in his career he composed songs for a lunatic asylum)
He was related to Charles Darwin and Josiah Wedgwood Ralph Vaughn Williams
Sinfonia Antarctica Ralph Vaughn Williams
The Sea Symphony Ralph Vaughn Williams
The Lark Ascending; Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis Ralph Vaughn Williams
He was heavily influenced by Hindu literature Holst (Gustav)
Songs from Rig Veda Holst
Savitri Holst
At the Boar's Head Holst
Britten's "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" is based on ___ Purcell's "Abdelazar"
Finnish composer; works based on the Sagas, the Eddas, and the Kalevala Sibelius
Valse Triste Sibelius
The Swan of Tuonela Sibelius
Challenged a man who questioned whether his Faust (opera) was even his as it was so much better than his other works Gounod
Faust (opera) Gounod (Charles)
Born in Germany to Jewish parents but moved to France as young man and usually considered a French composer Offenbach (Jacques)
Robinson Crusoe Offenbach
the "Can Can" Infernal Galop (from Orpheus in the Underworld)
Fought in the Franco-Prussian War Camille Saint-Saens
Very public feud between these two French composers Saint-Saens and Debussy
Dance Macabre Saint-Saens
Samson and Delilah; Organ Symphony Saint-Saens
The Fair Maid of Perth; The Pearl Fishers (operas) Bizet
Carmen based on this play Merimee
His music is often described as the musical equivalent of "Impressionism" Debussy
His music is often described as "Symbolism" due to his close association with the Symbolist poets (Baudelaire, Mallarme, and Verlaine) Debussy
Faust (opera) Gounod
L'Orfeo Monteverde
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