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Haney Vitamins and Minerals

What are some good sources of Potassium? Fruits and vegetables and their juices along with beans, grains, and milk products
What are the major functions of Potassium? Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance, essential for nerve and muscle function, and prevents high blood pressure.
Phosporous is important for creating ....? energy
This mineral is a component of bone. Phosporous
What is a major food source of phosporous? milk products, eggs, meat, nuts, grain, spinach, dried peas and beans.
Zinc is important for making ....? proteins
This mineral is part of several enzymes. zinc
What is a major food source of zinc? meats, fish, poultry, whole grains, and vegetables.
Is vitamin K a fat soluble or water soluble vitamin? Fat soluble
What is the function of vitamin k? It helps with blood clotting
What are major food sources of vitamin k? leafy green vegetables, milk.
Is Iodine a trace mineral or a major mineral? Trace mineral
What is the major function of iodine? major part of thyroid hormones.
What are major food sources of iodine? Iodized salt, seafood, vegetables, milk products.
What does sodium regulate? body's fluid volume, nerve & muscle function.
What is sodium commonly found in? Salt, processed food, crackers, chips.
Is sodium a major or trace mineral? Major.
What are the major food sources for Magnesium? green leafy vegetables; beans; nuts; fruit; whole grains; seafood
What are the major muscle functions for Magnesium? muscle and nerve function; major part of bone and teeth
What are the major food sources for Selenium? seafood; organ meats; grains
What are the major muscle functions for Selenium? helps protect cells from damage
What mineral helps protect cells from damage? Selenium
What mineral's major function is a major part of bone and teeth? Magnesium
Vitamin E is _____ soluble ? Fat
What vitamin protects the cells from damage ? Vitamin E
What are 2 food sources of Vitamin E ? Plant oils, salad dressing, green leafy vegetables and nuts
Chromium is a trace mineral meaning that.....? the amount of the mineral in the body is 5 grams or less.
Chromium's main function is....? to help in the action of insulin.
2 food sources of Chromium are....? whole grains, nuts, cheese and brewer's yeast.
What is a major function of calcium? Muscle and nerve function.
What mineral do milk products, green leafy vegetables, dried peas and beans fall under? Calcium.
What is calcium a major part of? Bones and teeth.
What kind of mineral is molybdenum? Trace.
What is the major function of molybdenum? It is a part of several enzymes.
Name three major food sources of the mineral molybdenum. Dried peas and beans, whole grains and leafy green vegetables.
Vitamin A is ______ soluble Fat
A deficiency of Vitamin A can cause what? Night blindness
What are the three major functions of Vitamin A? Maintenance of eye health; bone and tooth development; fights infection
Vitamin D is _____ soluble Fat
What is the major function of Vitamin D? Essential for bone growth and maintenance
What are major sources of Vitamin D? Made in the body by sunlight; fortified milk products; eggs
Pellagra is deficient in niacin and _______ _. Vitamin B
Vitamin _ helps your body make energy from food and is also involved in the development of new cells. B
Meats, milk products, whole grain and enriched breads and cereals, and fruits and vegatables all contribute to different _ vitamins. B
What is Vitamin C essential for? Bone,Skin&Connective tissue development
Major Source of Vitamin C comes from....? Citrus fruits,dark green and red vegetables
Vitamin C helps in.. resisting infection, absorption of iron and metabolism of proteins
Which is better to get iron from...Plant or animal source? Animal
Why is iron important for oxygen..? It transports to within the cells
Iron is found in which food products...? Meat,Fish,eggs,whole grains,beans,potatoes, and green vegetables
Created by: mhtgroup
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