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urinalysis Ch 10-12

body fluids

delayed analysis of synovial fluid affect the results of glucose, total protein, crystals, WBC count
a turbid synovial fluid with yellow green color indicates septic, bacteria, infection
fat droplets seen in synovial fluid are associated with traumatic injury, crush injuries
damage to the blood brain barrier by mycobacterium tuberculosis may cause the CSF to form pellicle -scum
should automated cell counters be used for synovial fluid cell count No, synovial fluid is too viscous
the average volume of CSF in an adult is 92-150 milliliters
grams stains performed on CSF specimens are a value in the detection of bacterial and fungal organisms
is the polymerization of hyaluronic acid decreased when arthritis is present yes
mention possible reasons for a synovial fluid with a normal WBC count from a patient with a normal serum uric acid will contain extracellular birefringent crystals under polarized light powdered EDTA coagulation, set out too long, non centrifugrd
synovial fluid crystals seen in patients undergoing renal dialysis most commonly are calcium oxalate
a milky appearing synovial fluid is associated with the presence of uric acid or mono sodium crystals
where is synovial fluid found found in the cavities of synovial joints (moveable parts of the joint) to reduce friction between the cartlidge .... answer is most likely all of the above
a broad spectrum of reactive and not reactive lymphocytes in the CS s is associated with viral meningitis
and I GG index greater than 0.77 indicates the IgG index is used to determine if the IgG is being properly produced in the blood brain barrier. if the index is greater than 0.77 it indicates there is no defect in the blood brain barrier
the type of microscopie recommended for use when examining a specimen for the presence of sperm is phase
the functions of CSF include supplied nutrients to the nervous tissue, remove metabolic waste, and produces a mechanical barrier to cushion the brain and spinal cord
crystal found in synovial fluid during attacks of get out are uric acid or mono sodium urate
a semen specimen in which clumping of sperm is observed should be further tested using the immuno bead testing
sperm motility after one hour should be at least 50 percent with a rating of 2.0
normal CSF protein differs from serum protein by the absence of fibrinogen
a positive FTA-AND and a positive CSF VDRL indicate syphilis
the finding of 3 million neutraphils per milliliter in a semen specimen is abnormal due to infection
in gout both serum in synovial fluid will have increased levels of uric acid or mono sodium urate
when should semen analysis on post vasectomy patience be performed 2 months consecutively till none
normal semen should liquify within 30 to 60 minutes
tubes of CSF submitted to the laboratory showing blood in all tubes but decreasing an amount in tubes 1 - 3 is the cause of a tramatic tap
evaluation of sperm motility includes speed and direction
the normal CSF protein is 15 to 45 mg per deciliter
vacuolated macrophages containing ingested neutrophils seen in synovial fluid are called Reiter cells
hey yellow semen specimen with a normal sperm concentration and increase motility may contain urine contamination
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