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Forestry Nouns/Terms and definitions for word games

Term for the growing or planting of new woods or forests. Afforestation
Term meaning the richness or variety of plants and wildlife in a given area. Biodiversity
Name for the harvest of timber from a wood or forest. Crop
Term meaning growing new woods and forests. Expansion
Document giving the legal permission needed to fell trees. Felling Licence
Measure of land approximately 2.5 acres. Hectares
Type of forestry in with forest management that delivers multiple benefits, for example social, economic, and environmental. Multi-purpose
Term for forests or woods that have been planted rather than occuring naturally. Plantations
Term for replanting trees after felling. Restocking
With this type of forestry, forests are sensitively managed and harvested so that they will be around for generations to come. Sustainable
Proper term for wood obtained from felling. Timber
Cone bearing trees, often with needle-like leaves which are usually kept all winter. Coniferous
Type of wood obtained from confers. Softwood
Traditional management technique which can be used on some deciduous trees and shrubs, where wood sprouting from old stumps is regularly harvested. Coppicing
Like coppicing, wood is regularly harvested from stumps. However, here the stumps are cut above head height, to prevent cattle from eating the new growth. Pollarding
Trees which anually shed their leaves. Their leaves are usually soft and flat, and shed in Autumn. Deciduous
A purpose-built vehicle used to collect and extract felled timber from a forest. Forwarder
Term given to the natural home of any plant or animal. Habitat
Term used to describe woodland with both coniferous and deciduous trees. Mixed
Term used to describe woodland containing trees and other species found naturally and which have not been introduced by man. Native
Type of forest. Tropical, evergreen and with no dry season. Rainforest
Technical term for the art and science of growing trees. Silviculture
Type of saw with a bent metal frame around a detachable blade. Bowsaw
A long-handled item used for clipping or sawing. Often used with small trees. Pruner
Equipment like very large, two-handed scissors used for removing small branches. Loppers
Small, hand-held pruning shears. Used frequently to remove stems and brances up to 2cm in diameter. Secateurs
Two-handled device used to knock posts into the ground. Post Driver
Item of equipment similar to a shovel, with a handle at one end, and several prongs at the other. Used to lift loose material such as hay or leaves. Fork
Item of equipment similar to a fork, with a handle at one end and a metal scoop at the other. Shovel
Item with a long handle and many prongs at the working end. Used to gather up loose items like leaves or cut grass. Rake
A tool used to chop sections of wood from trees. It has a short handle and a heavy metal head, with a bladed edge. Axe
A portable mechanical saw, used most commonly in the felling of trees and the cutting of wood into smaller, more manageable sections. Chainsaw
Item of safety equipment which allows a person to fix themselves safely to a rope. This is worn around the waist and legs. Harness
Geared device used when hauling with ropes, this gives a mechanical advantage and makes loads seem lighter. Winch
Machine used to reduce wood (commonly branches or twigs) into small chips. Chipper
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