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Preparation for English Lit Test on Victorian Era

Who was the Voice of Victorian England? Tennyson
Which of Tennyson's poems contains the theme of the war of sense with soul, or the flesh with the spirit? Idylls of the King
Which elegy by Tennyson is one of the three greatest in the English language? In Memoriam
What was Tennyson's first public performance as poet laureate? "Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington"
Which of Tennyson's poems relates one of the noblest stories of self-sacrifice? Enoch Arden
What was Elizabeth Barrett Browning's most famous collection of poems? Sonnets from the Portuguese
What was the greatest sorrow of Tennyson's life? the death of Arthur Hallam
What was the most famous literary romance of all time? Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
Who wrote "My Last Duchess"? Robert Browning
Who wrote "Dover Beach"? Matthew Arnold
Which of Browning's poems expresses his faith in eternal life? "Prospice"
Who devised the metrical system of sprung rhythm? Gerard Manley Hopkins
What poem expresses Clough's satirical adaptation of the Ten Commandments? The Latest Decalogue
Which poem compares a father's love for his son to God's love for his children? The Toys
Who wrote "The Hound of Heaven"? Francis Thompson
Who was England's longest-reigning monarch? Queen Victoria
Who wrote the Origin of Species? Charles Darwin
What was the first world's fair? Great Exhibition
Which American preacher was greatly used by God in England? Dwight L. Moody
Name three false ideas that began England's decline. Darwinism, socialism, Modernism
Who coined the word "agnostic"? Thomas Henry Huxley
Who was the founder of Communism? Karl Marx
What was the standard of international trade during the Victorian Era? English pound sterling
Famous cricket player who became a missionary to Africa C.T. Studd
The Father of Faith Missions J. Hudson Taylor
Who founded the Salvation Army? William Booth
Who created the modern nursing profession? Florence Nightingale
What poem is always put at the end of Tennyson's works? "Crossing the Bar"
A musical composition to honor the dead "Requiem"
Victorian writer born in Bombay, India Rudyard Kipling
Author of Barrack-Room Ballads Rudyard Kipling
Author of "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" Oscar Wilde
What philosophy was developed by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill? utilitarianism
Which prose writer used a clear style full of paradoxes and balanced sentences? Thomas Babington Macaulay
How long did the Oxford English Dictionary take to complete? over 70 years
Who was the first popular Victorian novelist? Charles Dickens
What was the subject of "The Convergence of the Twain"? The Titanic
The Prince of Preachers Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Blind Scottish hymn writer George Matheson
Influential leader in the Free Church of Scotland Horatius Bonar
What was Charlotte Elliott's best known hymn? "Just As I Am"
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