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LabSim Tool Fact Sheet 1.2.2

The ratcheting handle allows you to drive the screw without re-positioning the driver? Combination ratchet/screwdriver
Bit ends can be replaced for phillips and flat head screwdrivers, hex sockets, and torx (star-shaped) bits? Combination ratchet/screwdriver
tool to easily add or remove integrated Circuit chips that are used on motherboard and some computer components? IC insertion/extraction tool
Tool to change the BIOS chip? IC insertion/extraction tool
Provides an insulated covering to prevent static electricity from moving between objects and damaging computer components? Anti-static pad
When working with computer components, What is connected to the anti-static pad,that is connected to a ground? Wrist strap
Magnetic tool to retrieve screws that have fallen into a computer case or other areas you cannot reach? Extension magnet
Tool to retrieve screws that have fallen into a computer case or other areas you cannot reach? Extension tool with retractable prongs
Device for testing various electrical properties? Multimeter
Device for testing AC and DC voltage,Current(amps), Resistance(ohms), Capacitance, and Frequency? Multimeter
Custom multimeter that is used for testing output from a PC power supply? Power supply tester
A testing device that has multiple connectors to test the output for each connector type? Power supply tester
Verifies that a network can carry a signal from one end to the other, and that all wires within the connector are in their correct positions? Cable tester
Single unit that tests both ends of the cable at once? Cable tester
A second unit that you can plug into one end of a long cable run to test the entire cable? Cable tester
Test network communications by redirecting a signal from the transmit port on a device to the receive port on the same device? Loopback plug
Verify that a device can both send and receive signals? Loopback plug
Troubleshooting method to keep a set of components that you know are in proper functioning order? Known good spares
If you suspect a problem in a component, swap it with the known good component is an example of? Known good spares
Changing the cable connecting a computer to the network with a known good cable uses which strategy? Known good spares
Connecting a different monitor to a computer uses which strategy? Known good spares
Replacing an expansion card with a known good expansion card uses which strategy? Known good spares
Created by: john316