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NOS 2 - Midterm 2

Network Operating Systems 2 - Midterm 2

Make security tab in ADUC visible in properties? View >> Advanced Features
What does OU stand for? Organizational Unit
What does ADUC stand for? Active Directory Users and Computers
Why not use Users folder to make new users in ADUC? Since Users is not an OU, cannot make structure there.
What does DFS stand for? Distributed File System
What is the first item you have to create in DFS? New Root
Where is the logon script located in Group Policy Object Editor? User Configuration >> Windows Settings >> Scripts >> Logon
Where is Remove Change Password located in Group Policy Object Editor? User Configuration >> Admin Templates >> System >> Ctrl+Alt+Del >> Remove Change Password
Tool which disables the group policy tab from ADUC? Group Policy Management (Console)
Remote Desktop default port? 3389
What type of syntax is this? \\Servername\sharename\file? UNC - Universal Naming Convention
You have a share on a folder. Your share permissions are Read, and your Directory Permissions are “Read & Execute”, “List Folder Contents”, and “Read”. Can you create a file in the directory when accessing it locally? Yes, Read + Execute let you make a file, how stupid is that?
What does NAT stand for? Network Address Translation
What would be the netbios name for the following domain? west.ibm.com west
What file can you use for static DNS entries? hosts file
What directory is the hosts file located in? c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
What is the difference between Recursive and Iterative when referring to DNS? Recursive: the DNS server is going to ask around and figure out the request for you -- Iterative: The DNS server will give you it's best answer which might be a referral
Using ipconfig, how do you clear the computers resolver cache? ipconfig /flushdns
What does the file cache.dns contain? Root name servers.
What is contained in the SOA record? Name of server supplying data for zone, admin of zone, times secondary servers should wait for updates, retrying, expiring. TTL on file resource records.
What does L‐S‐D‐OU stand for? Local‐Site‐Domain‐Organizational Unit
In Group Policy Object Editor, the policy is broken into two sections, Computer Configuration and User Configuration. What are the three sub-sections? Software Settings, Windows Settings and Administrative Templates
What does DACL stand for? Discretionary Access Control List
What is the NAT default gateway set to in VMware if your network is
What is the difference between User Mode and Kernel mode? Kernel Mode has direct access to hardware.
What defines a SITE in Active Directory? A site is defined as a set of computers connected in a high speed network, in other words a LAN. Could be a room, building or campus.
What is the difference between a Tree and a Forest in Active Directory? Tree: Share contiguous name space -- Forest: dis-contiguous name space
When configuring DHCP options in the DHCP configuration utility, default gateway does not show up. What do you select to configure the default gateway? The "ROUTER" option is for gateways
What local security policy option do you need to login in at the 2003 Server keyboard? Allow log on locally: Comp Config >> Windows >> Security >> Local >> User Rights >> Allow log on locally
What are the standard NTFS permission for a directory? 1.Full Control 2.Modify 3.Read and Execute 4.List Folder Contents 5.Read 6.Write
What is a CNAME record used for? To give alias for domain names
What is an MX record used for? Mail Exchange: specifies mail server accepting email on behalf of domain
What is a PTR record? Associates an IP with its host name - Forward Lookup
What does ADIZ stand for? Active Directory Integrated Zone
What does it mean to delegate a DNS zone? Gives authority of a sub-zone to another server, they control that sub-zone.
If your operating system is installed on C:\WINDOWS, what would be the path to the DNS configuration files? C:\Windows\System32\dns
What does IETF stand for? Internet Engineering Task Force
What is the difference between Security Groups and Distribution Groups? Which is correct? Security Groups are for email and security, Distribution groups are just for email. Normally don't use Distribution groups.
Why should you limit the use of Universal Groups? Universal groups can hamper performance
Microsoft’s A‐G‐DL‐P strategy stands for what? Account-Global-Domain Local-Permission...Assign user ACCOUNTS to GLOBAL groups which are placed into DOMAIN LOCAL groups which are granted PERMISSIONS to network resources
Where is DNS zone file information stored once ADIZ is installed? The information is stored in Active Directory, there is no longer any file.
When is a zone transfer initiated? Master notifies Secondary
What does PXE stand for? Preboot eXecution Environment....P-Exe-Env
DNS Client (resolver) can make what three types of queries (name resolution requests). What are they? Recursive, Iterative, Referral
Where are the serial numbers stored when dealing with zone transfers? Start of Authority - SOA
What utility do you open to create a group policy for a site? Active Directory Sites and Services - ADSS
Created by: Datheral