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What tumors is the most common pediatric tumor of the abd? Wilms
Which important clinical landmark is marked by ureteral and urethral orifices? Trigone
The process of phacoemulsification uses what type of energy to fragment a cataract? Ultrasonic
What pathology does the scleral buckle procedure treat? Retinal Detachment
Where are the lacrimal glands located? In the lateral corners of the eye
The O'Connor shield is a(n) Item that allows the surgeon use to examine the prostatic urethra digitally through the rectum without contamination of the operative field
The inner most tunic of the eye is the Retina
What is the medical term for kidney stones? Nephrolithiasis
The right kidney is located slightly lower than the left, due to the Liver
Diuretics are used to Reduce intraocular pressure
The sensory layer of the retina is made of Photoreceptors
What condition is characterized by excess pressure of the aqueous humor? Glaucoma
The Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz procedure may be performed in conjunction with a Hysterectomy
Name the structure that separates the outer and middle ear Tympanic membrane
A small lump on the inner or outer surface of the eyelid caused by an inflammatory reaction of material trapped inside an oil-secreting gland is called a(n) Chalazion
The seventh cranial nerve is also called the Facial nerve
What is the only cartilage in the upper aerodigestive tract to form a complete circle? Cricoid cartilage
The substance found in the posterior chamber is called the Crystalline lens
What is the name of the structure that divides the two chambers of the nasal cavity? Septum
Otosclerosis is the term ised to describe Functional deafness
Nasal polyps are growths that originate from the Mucous membrane
The medical term for the Adam's apple is the Thyroid cartilage
The largest cartilage in the larynx is the Thyroid cartilage
A person who completely lacks cones suffers from Color blindness
Cryotherapy involves the use of Cold
What is a cholesteatoma? Benign cyst
Which tonsils are removed during the procedure called tonsillectomy Palatine
A white blood count over _________ usually indicates infection. 10,000
______ is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. Glaucoma
Aqueous humor is found in the Anterior chamber
Name the ossicles of the middle ear from lateral to medial Malleus, incus, stapes
Which outer portion of the kidney contains the glomeruli Cortex
Phacoemulsification is one method of Removing an opaque lens
The _____ _____ is an intrinsic muscle of the eye Ciliary body
What is the function of the cristae located in the inner ear Control dynamic equalibrium
Varicocelectomy is a procedure to repair Abnormal dilation of the spermadic veins in the spermatic cord that drain the testicle
What is the most common autologous site for securing a graft for tympanoplasty Tenprolisfacia
Which portion of the ear is responsible for equilibrium? Semicircular canals
Which structure are the vocal cords located in Laynx
Which digestive enzyme found in the salivary glands breal down carbohydrates? Amylase
Which structure is referred to as the rainbow? Iris
During what procedure may a patient recieve an injection of intraocular gas to create pressure on the retina while subretinal fluid is reabsorbed and scars form Scleral buckle
The medial border of the kidney's that receives the renal blood vessel is called the Hilum
Recession or resection is the surgical treatment for Strabismus
______ sponges are the sponges of choice in ophthalimic surgery Weck
The term used to descibe to location behind the globe Retrobulbar
Where are the frontal sinuses located? Within the frontal bone
Which salivary gland is the largest and is located on the lateal sides of the face anterior to the external ear Parotid
Why is gelfoam used in ENT surgical procedures? Reduce edema
What is the name of the procedure that is used to change the external apperance of the nose? Rhinoplasty
Which surgical procedure involves diverting urine flow through an isolated loop of bowel? Ileal conduit
What does the term apnea mean? Not breathing
Name the three sections of the pharynx nasopharynx, oropharynx, laryngopharynx
Addison's disease affects the Adrenal glands
Which diagnostic tool involves the use of IV dye and radiology films to view the urological systerm IVU
Which blood test can indicate the possibility of prostate cancer? PSA
If the pleural cavity is entered what should the ST anticipate A chest tube
Entropoian is a condition that affects the Lower eyelid
Which of the following is one of the most frequent causes of epiglottitis Virus
Why is dacryocystorhinoostomy performed? Establish a new pathway for tear drainage
An opacity of the crystalline lens is referred to as a(n) Cataract
Which congenital condition is marked by the absence of the anterior wall of the urethra Epispadias
Which disorder is marked by multiple fluid-filled benign cysts in the parenchyma of the kidney Polycystic kidney disease
The footplate of the stapes rests upon the Oval window
Hemorrhage from the nose is described as Epistaxis
The condition of undescended testes is called Cryptorchidism
Which portion of the male reproductive system can be found passing through the spermaic cord and eventually conducting semen into the protatic urethra Ductus deferens
What is a major concern when operating on the parotid gland Facial nerve
The outer most tunic of the eyeball is called the Sclera
The olfactory sense is the sense of Smell
Zenker's diverticulum is found in the Esophagus
Phimosis is a condition affecting the Penis
BSS is used intraoperatively to irrigate the cornea
Decadron is a common Steroid
Which salivary gland is located beneath the mucous membrane that covers the floor of the mouth Sublingual
The pinna is also known as the Auricle
The mucous membrane covering of the eye is called Conjunctiva
The spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the body TRUE
A gastrostomy is an incision into the stomach FALSE
Meniere's syndrome is a condition affecting the middle ear FALSE
Parathyroid glands regulate blood and skeletal calcium TRUE
The cystic duct takes bile to the duodenum FALSE
A C-section could be preformed due to CPD TRUE
Diverticulum are found only on or in the large intestines FALSE
A whipple procedure is a surgical treatment for stomach cancer FALSE
Modified radical mastectomy is surgical removal of the breast without pectoral muscles TRUE
andro- male
kerato- cornea
myopia nearsightedness
myringo- ear drum
olig scant
oto- ear
gon- seed
hyperopia farsightedness
-tripsy crush
dips- thirst
-pexy fixation
audio- hearing
pyel- renal pelvis
diplopia double vision
Created by: E.Ochoa
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