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GE Final

What was the signal that Magwitch was okay? a Pulled shade
Miss Havisham's half-brother Arthur
Why couldn't Pip row the boat? Hands burned
Where did Pip work at the end? Cairo
Where did Magwitch hide out? Clara's house
Estella's husband Drummle
Who married Biddy? Joe
Who took care of Pip when he wa sick? Joe
Estella's father Magwitch
Where does Clara live? Mill Pond Bank
Who catches fire? Miss Havisham
Estella's mother Molly
What was Molly tried for? murder
Who lures Pip to the marshes? Orlick
Who attacked Mrs. Joe? Orlick
He helped Herbert row the boat Startop
Who did Wopsle see behind Pip at the theater? the Second convict
Who leads the search party that finds Pip? Trabb's boy
Magwitch's nickname Uncle Provis
Who plans to leave the country with Magwitch? Pip
Who is Miss Havisham's ex-fiance? Compeyson
Wemmick left Pip a note at the gate. What did it say? "Don't go home"
Who was going to tell Pip when it was safe to leave the country? Wemmick
Who was sitting behind Pip at the play? Compeyson
Who ended up with Magwitch's money? the police
Who paid Pip's debt so he didn't have to go to prison? Joe
What change did Pip see in Estella at the end of the story? She had a heart
Which ending implied Pip and Estella might get back together? the second ending
What was Pip about to tell Joe when Joe was taking care of him? That he loved Biddy
Who dies during the attempted escape? Compeyson
Created by: lryan



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