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GE Stage 2

When Pip went back for Mrs. Joe's funeral, what was Biddy's new job? Teaching
What is the run-down place where Pip and Herbert live at the beginning of Stage 2? Barnard's Inn
He was husky, sullen, a student of Matthew Pocket Bentley Drummle
Where did gentlemen stay in Pip's town? Blue Boar Inn
Who is Herbert's fiance? Clara
Pip secretly sets up a business deal for Herbert with whom? Clarriker
Herbert and Pip are in what kind of trouble? debt
Who is Estella dating? Drummle
Herbert's nickname for Pip Handel
Herbert and Clara can't get married because she takes care of whom? her Father
The Pale Young Gentleman Herbert Pocket
Who is Pip's benefactor? his convict
a Wild beast tamed Molly
Who is Pip's guardian in London? Jaggers
Pip's tutor Matthew Pocket
How did Pip treat Joe when Joe came for a visit? mean
Wemmick's girlfriend Miss Skiffins
Trabb's letter to Pip said what? Mrs. Joe died
What does the Aged like you to do? Nod your head
Miss Havisham's current gate keeper Orlick
What will happen to the convict if he is caught in London? Put to death
Pip's fellow student, very likeable Startop
Wemmick's father's nickname the Aged
Jagger's nickname for Drummle the Spider
Where do Pip and Herbert live at the end of Stage 2? the Temple
Lived in the Castle Wemmick
Who helped Miss Havisham's half-brother get her money? her ex-fiance
Who tells Pip she has no heart? Estella
How old is Pip now? 23
What does Biddy's letter tell Pip? Joe is coming for a visit
Created by: lryan