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Hardware Midterm 2

How many steps are there to laser printers? 7
Step 1 for laser printing? Processing - receive date from computer (font, images and formatting) and puts that page image into printer memory.
Step 2 for laser printing? Charging/Conditioning - Charge on drum from wire (primary corona) or a charge roller. Regulated by a screen. -600V
Step 3 for laser printing? Writing/Exposing - Charged drum (-600V) exposed to laser where image is to be printed. Changes charge to -100V.
Step 4 for laser printing? Developing - Toner (powder of plastic and iron) released by developer roller. Attaches to places where laser hit (-100V).
Step 5 for laser printing? Transferring - Paper fed to printer, given positive charge (by corona or charge roller). Toner attracted to paper.
Step 6 for laser printing? Fusing - powder sitting on paper. Lamp heat up fusing roller and toner bonded to paper.
Step 7 for laser printing? Cleaning - remaining toner + charge wiped away by cleaning blade.
What is toner? Plastic + Iron
What is impact printer used for? Carbon copies
Advantages of dot matrix? Can make carbon copies.
Disadvantage of dot matrix? Expensive, loud, slow, mechanical, limited colour.
Advantages of ink jet? Cheap, quiet, fast, colour
Disadvantages of ink jet? Ink expensive, no carbon copy, can dry
How many Pins used in a dot matrix? 9, 18, 24
What are the 2 modes that dot matrix can print in? Font + Dot Address
What are the 2 paper handling methods of dot matrix? Friction + Tractor
What are the 2 methods of projecting ink? Drop on demand + Continuous stream
What are the 3 colours of of ink for ink jet? Cyan, Magenta, Yellow...and Black
Constant stream uses what kind of crystal? Piezo Crystals
What is DSP? Digital Signal/Sound Processor
What is DAC and ADC? Digital to Analog Converter Analog to Digital Converter
What is a breakout box? Controller that can have remote, dials, jacks, etc.
What are the various sound jack colours? Green = Front/Headphone Black = Rear Pink = Mic Blue = Line Out Orange = Sub-woofer / Center
Difference between Lossy and Lossless sound types? Compression. Lossy doesn't record information that (most) humans are unable to hear. Lossless is a records everything.
PINS: Floppy? 34
PINS: P1 / Main ATX Power? 24 (older has 20)
PINS: PCI-e? 8 (older has 6) +12V, some video cards can require 4x
PINS: Narrow Internal SCSI 50
PINS: Wide Internal SCSI 68
PINS: DDR3 / DDR2 240
PINS: Front Panel (Server) 24
PINS: P4? 4 - Processor Power +12V
PINS: Molex? 4 - +12V, +5V
PINS: Berg? 4 - Floppy Power +12V, +5V
PINS: SATA? 15 - +12V, +5V, +3.3V
PINS: AUX? 6 - Not found recently, reduces load on P1 +5V, +3.3V
Differences between server and desktop? Size, Processor type and amount (Xeon, Opteron), Video/Sound cards.
How wide typical server rack? 19 inch
What does it mean to say server is running headless? No monitor, have to remote into it.
How do you measure server in units? U's, 1 U = 1.75 inch
Whats found in a server that's not found in a desktop? PCIx 64bit
What is a blade server? Vertical server units, can be hot swapped.
Which wireless standard does not use the 2.4GHz frequency? A
What is WPAN? Wireless Personal Area Network, normally using Bluetooth.
WPA vs WPA2? WPA - software encryption, not as secure WPA2 - hardware encryption, more secure, more resources from the router.
Why isn't wireless standard G backwards compatible with A? Different frequencies. A= 5, G= 2.4
Shortest range Bluetooth? Class 3 - 1m Class 2 - 10m Class 1 - 100m
What frequency does Bluetooth use? 2.4 GHz
What methods are there to secure wireless network? MAC filtering, don't broadcast SSID, WPA atleast, WPA2 even better.
What does SCSI symbol look like? Cross beween upper case C and G
What is SCSI ID? Should be unique, all devices require one, highest priority = 7
Which SCSI ID should be given to host adapter card? Highest (7)
Difference between wide and narrow SCSI? Narrow = 50 pins, 8 devices Wide= 68 pins, 16 devices Wide is physically less wide.
What is SAS? Serial Attached SCSI
Alternative to SAS? Parallel SCSI
SAS vs Parellel? Serial = faster, no termination, SCSI auto ID
How do you terminate SCSI? Terminate on both ends of bus. All internal/external? Host Adapter to final device. Some internal/external? Final device internal to final device external.
What company makes vast majority of SCSI stuff? Adaptec
What is SCAM? SCSI Configure Auto Matically(Magically)
How many SCSI adapters on a chain? Narrow - 8 Wide - 16
How do SCSI device physical location affect the ID? It doesn't, LOL!
Official standard for Firewire? 1394
Number of devices Firewire and USB can handle? Firewire = 63 USB = 127
General speed of floppy drives? 300 rpm
General disk size of floppy disk? 1.44MB, Double sided High-density
How does the twist in the floppy cable work? Before the twist = Secondary (B:\) After the twist = Primary (A:\)
What does it mean if the Floppy drive light is staying on? It has been plugged in backwards.
What method is used to record on floppy? It is called Tunnel Erasure Single band of information between 2 erased bands.
What is odd of floppy recording compared to hard disk? Floppy has constant head crash, always touching. Means has to be cleaned and teflon coating to help it.
What is the difference between memory and module type? Memory example = DDR Module example = DIMM/SIMM
What type of memory uses a continuity module? RAM BUS
Why would you flash a system BIOS? To upgrade the firmware.
How do you flash a BIOS? Need to get the utility for specific motherboard from manufacturer and the upgraded bios.
DDR-400 =? PC3-5200 =? PC-3200 DDR3-650 DDR #= PC#x8 PC#= DDR#/8
What are some popular Firewire devices? Scanner, Camera, printer, apple stuff
Wire voltages? Yellow/Blue = 12/-12 Orange = 3.3 Red/White = 5/-5 Purple = 5 standby Green/Grey = PWR ON/OK Black = COM = ground
What is the difference between power supplies? Wattage, Heat dissipation, modular, effeciency
What is SRAM? Static RAM - cache memory
What is DRAM Dynamic RAM - main memory
What type of connectors do video cards have? HDMI, DVI-i, VGA, S-video
Different types of DVI? DVI-i= digital+analog DVI-a= analog DVI-d= digital
Name of Nvidia and AMX multiple video card solution? Crossfire and SLI
Where is cache found? LvL 1 and 2 = On CPU, individual for each core LvL 3 = shared between cores
Created by: Datheral