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Pro Tools 101_Review

Name & describe five types of production tasks that Pro Tools can be used for AUDIO,MIDI,NOTATION, MIXING,POST-PRODUCTION
When was the first Mbox audio interface introduced? Was this before or after Avid acquired M-Audio? 2002, before Avid acquired M-Audio (August 2004)
After being acquired by Avid, Wizoo Sound Design became Avid’s Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R) group. What types of products does the A.I.R group specialise in? Give some examples Plug-ins, all virtual instruments & effects in the Creative Collection (Included with PT), Hybrid, Strike, Velvet, Structure & Transfuser VI’S for PT
What is the frequency range of human hearing? Between 20 & 20, 000 cycles per second (CPS (Hertz-Hz)). Between 20 Hz & 20 kHz.
What does the frequency (pitch) of a sound wave affect in terms of how we perceive the sound? How is frequency measured? The frequency of the sound pressure variations that reaches our ears creates our perception of the pitch of the sound. Frequency is measured in cycles per second (CPS), which is the same as Hertz (Hz)
What does the amplitude (intensity) of the sound wave affect? How is amplitude measured? The intensity or amplitude of the sound pressure variations that reaches our ears creates our perception of the loudness of the sound. Amplitude is measured in decibels (dB)
How does the sample rate of a system relate to the frequency of audio it can capture? What is the name of the law that specifies the relationship between sample rate and audio frequency?
How does the bit depth of a system relate to the dynamic range of audio it can capture? How can you estimate the dynamic range of a system?
Give two examples of connections, commonly found on audio interfaces, which are used for making digital transfers. What type of jacks does each use? S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface, consumer format) & AES/EBU (Audio Engineering Society/ European Broadcast Union, professional format). S/PDIF has RCA jacks (coaxial jacks); AES/EBU uses XLR-type connectors.
Name three audio interfaces that are compatible with Pro Tools HD software. Avid HD OMNI, HD I/O & HD MADI.
Describe some of the features of the complete production toolkit. Mixing & automation-surround mixing up to7.1 with compatible AI.Snapshot automation 4 writing or trimming automation.Vid-multiple vid traks in Timeline(1 can be played back at a time)Multiple QT movies on indiv vid track. Store vid files in the Clip List.
Name some of the folders and files that PT creates as part of the session hierarchy. Where is the session file (.ptx) stored? Folders:-PT session/clip groups/rendered files/session file backups/video files. Files:-PT sesson file/WaveCache file(.wfm)/audio files(.wav & .aiff)/fade files/MIDI files(.mid)/sibelius files.The session file .ptx is stored within the PT session folder.
What is the WaveCache.wfm file used for? What happens if this file gets deleted or goes missing? Stores all waveform display data for any audio in a session & enables the session to open more quickly. If deleted, your system/ session is unharmed. If missing, PT will recalculate the session waveform data; however, the session may open more slowly.
Where are audio files stored in the session hierarchy? Audio recorded in PT is saved ONLY in the Audio Files folder (it is not saved in the .ptx Session File).
Where are Pro Tools’ MIDI files normally stored? MIDI data is normally stored within the Pro Tools .ptx session file.
Which component should you turn on first when powering up a PT system? Which component should you turn on last? Any external hard drives that use external power should be turned on first. The audio monitoring system should be turned on last.
What audio file formats can be imported to PT without requiring conversion? What condition would cause a file in one of these formats to require conversion on import? All WAV(WaveformAudioFile)&AIFF (AudioInterchangeFile)formats can coexist in a session without requiring conversion. However, any files in another format&any files with a diff sample rate from the session, regardless of format, must be converted.
Name some common audio file formats that PT can convert on import. Sound designer II (SD II), MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer-3) & Windows Media Audio (WMA).
What does the term MIDI stand for? How is MIDI data different from the data stored in an audio file? Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI data doesn't represent sound waves; instead it represents information about a performance such as pitch, duration, volume & order of notes to be played.
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