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MDIHS Fr3 Paris monu

MDIHS fr3 Paris monuments

La Rive Gauche The side of the Seine known for "intellectual" pursuits (universities, etc.)
La Rive Droite The side of the Seine known for its commerce (business, theaters, etc.)
L'Arc de Triomphe Where the tomb of the unknown solder is; also known as "l'Étoile" from which 12 avenues radiate (and Napoléon's victories are commenorated).
Les Champs-Élysées Extends from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde. Most famous avenue (thoroughfare) - a rallying point for the people of Paris. Also recognizable as the finishing line of the Tour de France.
Les Jardins des Tuileries Stretching between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde, these gardens were where French kings once strolled. The name comes from the word "tiles" (originally made of clay found on site).
Le Louvre Originally a royal palace, now it is the home of "La Jaconde" and other major art. "The" museum of Paris.
La Conciergerie This is where many "enemies of the state" awaited their execution by guillotine - to include marie Antoinette, Danton and Robespierre.
L'Île de la Cité Considered "the birthplace of Paris" and the heart and soul of the city. Notre Dame Cathédrale sits on this body of land - in the middle of the Seine River.
Notre Dame A Gothic masterpiece, this cathedral houses the great Rose Window. It is also home to Quasimodo and Esmerelda in Disney's world.
L'Hôtel de Ville You won't find any rooms to rent here; it's the city government building and official reception rooms.
La Bastille This prison, attacked on 7/14/1789 is where the French Revolution began. Now a column sits in its place - and the prison is demolished.
Le Centre Pompidou/Beaubourg This is home to a museum and it is controversial in that it has exposed pipes and steel. Futuristic looking, it is best known for its modern art collection.
Montmartre An area in the very northern side of Paris, known for its nightclubs and bohemian artists. The name, meaning "Martyrs' Mound" has a beautiful basilica - Sacré Coeur.
Le Quartier Latin This area, between Île de la Cité and Le Jardin de Luxembourg is known for its large student population of all nationalities. As such, there are lots and lots of bookstores and publishing houses here.
Les Invalides If you're into all thing military, visit this museum. In addition to seeing an impressive amount of arms, you'll get a glimpse of Napoléon's tomb.
Le Jardin de Luxembourg This lively park is located near the Latin Quarter and is filled with all sorts of activity ~ basins for wooden boat sailing, puppet shows, fountains and exquisite gardens.
Le Panthéon In this monument, located on the Left Bank, you will find crypts of famous men of French letters: Hugo, Zola, Voltaire, Rousseau and others.
La Tour Eiffel Originally a shock to the Parisians, this monument was built in 1889. It's now THE symbol associated with Paris and serves as a radio tower.
La Bois de Boulogne This huge park to the west of the city has racetracks, bicycle paths, wooded areas, a stadium, cafés. It's teeming with visitors on Sundays.
Le Palais Royal Located on the Right Bank, this palace was home to Anne d'Autriche and Louis XIV. There are many antique shops nearby.
L'Opéra This is the largest theater in the world! It's an elegant monument whose ceiling was painted by Marc Chagall in 1964.
La Sorbonne "The" university of France. In addition it is home to many cultural events and a church - all located near the Latin Quarter.
Le Palais de Chaillot Directly "across the Seine" from the Eiffel Tower, this palace is very diverse. It houses a national theater, a maritime museum, an anthropological museum, a cinema museum AND a library.
La Madeleine This church, resembling a Greek temple, is in a very posh district in Paris - on the Right Bank. BUT beware of VAMPIRES (Elijah Wood!)
Created by: lfineman