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CLS Microbiology

ASCP exam

H.influnzae becomes resistant to ampicillin when it produces Beta-lactamase
Children who have infection with beta- hemolytic Strep can develop? Acute glomerulonephritis
Thioglycollate broth is stored at RT & in the dark cuz? there is a decrease absorption of O2 by medium
a liquid fecal specimen from 3 months infant required a routine test for Salmonella, Shegella as well as....? presence of Campylobacter sp
Unusual # of MRSA were isolated in lab in the past month that most likely to.... deterioration of the methicillin disks
gram-stained sputum smear revealed 25-50 SEC & 10 PMN leukocytes/100x field,as well as many lancet-shaped,G-pos cocci;many G-neg rods and many G-Pos in pairs, clump and long chain, technologist should ? call nursing station and request a new specimen
which one of specimen requests is acceptable? feces for anaerobic culture( no)/ Foley catheter tip for aerobic culture(no)/ rectal swab for direct smear for gonococci( no)/ urine for culture of acid-fast bacilli( YES)
A gram Pos coccus isolated from blood with the following; Optochin- Neg/ Bacitracin- Neg/ Bile esculin hydrolysis-Neg/ Hippurate Hydrolysis-POS/ catalase- Neg S.agalactiae ( grp B)
Gram Neg rod was isolated from wound infection cuased by cat pet bite.... Pasteurella multocida
10 years old boy admitted with appendicitis. during surgery the appendix appeared normal, enlarged node were cultured, small gram neg rod isolated from RT plate the organism? Yersinia enterocolitica
most often to prepare slide from dermatophyte plate culture for microscopic exam? lactophenol cotton blue
the function of N-acetyl-L-cysteine required in NALC-NaOH reagent for acid-fast digestion-decontamination procedures is to liquify the mucus
middlebrook 7H10 and 7H11 media must be refrigerated in the dark and incubated in the dark as well. if not, prove of mycobacterial toxin mistaken cuz of formaldehye may be produced
Ureaplasma urealyticum is difficult to grow in routine media cuz of requirement of.. Sterols
to recover a cyst stage from formed fecal sample for parasite, specimen should be stored at refrigerator temp-
the stock cultures needed for quality control testing of DNAse production Serratia marcescns/ E.coli
the stock cultures needed for quality control testing of Deamination activity are, Proteus mirabilis/ E.coli
the stock cultures needed for quality control testing of Oxidase production Pseudomonas aeruhinosa/ E.coli
the stock cultures needed for quality control testing of Motility are, klebsiella pneumonia/ E.coli
an antibiotic that inhibits cell wall synthesis is.. penicillin
Group B, beta-hemolytic Strep may be distinguished from other hemolytic Strep by.. Coagglitination
plus of its growth on modified thayer-martin medium, Neisseria GONORRHOEA can be confirmed if.. oxidase Pos, Glucose Pos and Maltose Neg
organism that may be mistaken with N.gonorrhoea in Gram stain of Uterine cervix is Moraxella osloensis
Coagglutination is associated with, N.gonorrhoea
Chocolate agar base containing Vancomycin, Colistin, Nystatin and trimethoprim is also known as; modified Thayer-Martin agar
sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate are components of JEMBEC System
clinical resistance to penicillin dosage related of production of beta-lactamase by N.gonorrhoea
to date, the organism that considered universally susceptible to penicillin S.pyogenes
the media that routinely used for Campylobacter jejuni? skirrow's medium
one feature of Campylobacter jejuni is that optimal growth at 42 Celsius
this organism must be incubated in microaerophilic environment for optimal recovery is Campylobacter fetus
the recovery cryptococcus sp may be compromised if the isolation media coantains Cycloheximide
one distinguished character of Cryptococcus neoformans is Positive Niger seed agar test
a cell line that used to recover Chlamydia trachomatis is McCoy's cell line
an autopsy performed on an 8-years old revealed Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrom. blood and throat cultures taken prior to death were positive to what organism? N.meningitidis
relapsing fever in humans is caused by? Borrelia recurrentis
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