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Fetal Alcohol Synd


specific criteria for diagnosis of FAS (Smith & Jones, 1973) growth retardation, facial anomalies, CNS deficits
FAS occurs in ____ of _____ live births 1-3, 1000
Alcohol consumption during what trimester of pregnancy leads to worst effects of FAS? the 1st trimester
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) include FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), ARBD (Alcohol Related Birth Defects, and ARND (Alcohol Related Euro-Developmental Disorder)
Features of FAS: Growth Retardation slower rate of growth before and after birth, microcephaly ('small brain,' small head circumference), short stature, small fingers and toes, simian crease
Features of FAS: Facial Anomalies slanted/drooping eyes, may be crossed and/or wide-set; flat midface; long, indistinct philtrum; thin upper lip; small chin
Features of FAS: CNS deficits mild to moderate reduced IQ, ADD, memory deficits, poor judgment, other behavioral symtoms (e.g., tantrums, hyperactivity, impulsivity)--> seen as underachievers as adults
Miscellaneous physical/medical features of FAS reduced muscle tone, failure to thrive, heart and other organ defects, disrupted sleep patterns, seizures, poor coordination, poor fine motor skills
ARBD includes kidney defects, heart defects, eye & ear defects, absence of facial anomalies, no cognitive impairments
ARND includes CNS dysfunction, behavioral problems, learning problems, absence of facial anomalies
How does alcohol harm children before birth? May interfere with growth & development of embryos and fetuses. Interfere with proliferation of nerve cells. May affect development of 2 important neurotransmitter systems
How alcohol before birth interferes with proliferation of nerve cells (4) fewer develop, neurons end up in the wrong place, neuronal death, interfere with formation of axons
FASD Intervention: Friendship training how to interact with friends, how to enter a group of children already playing together, teach ways to avoid conflict, use of negotiation skills
FASD Intervention: Executive Functioning Training behavioral awareness, self control, work to improve memory, reasoning, planning, and problem solving, cause and effect
FASD Intervention: Parent-Child Interaction Treatment positive discipline, improve parent-child relationships, reduce behavior problems
Pre-natal cocaine exposure is characterized by (5) risk of premature birth, small head circumference, low birth weight, seizures, heart defects
Pre-natal cocaine exposure associated problems (5) physiological disorganization, hyper-sensitivity to external stimuli, cognitive impairment possible, developmental and language problems, behavioral difficulties
Early Intervention: Neurophysiological Reorganization swaddling, rhythmic patting, returning to midline by vertical rocking
Difficult to isolate effects of ______ ______ cocaine exposure
Prenatal cocaine exposure probably leads to ______ ______ and ______ ______ cognitive deficits, learning disabilities
should consider __________ _______ in conjunction with cocaine exposure environmental factors
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