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FREN Ch. 9 Vocab.

French Vocabulaire

conserver to preserve
élargir to broaden
établir to establish
s'étendre to extend
naviguer to sail
un(e) anglophone English-speaking person
le carnaval d'hiver winter carnival
un colon colonist
des communautés (f pl) communities
la conquête conquest
le créole language spoken in several territories and formed by a mixture of indigenous languages, with French, Spanish, and Portuguese influences
un département administrative division of France
un divertissement recreation, entertainment
la douceur de vivre pleasant lifestyle
une fête festival
un(e) franophone French-speaking person
la francophonie French-speaking world
l'Hexagone (m) the Hexagon (term for France stemming from its six-sided shape)
un lien link
le Maghreb geographic term for North African countries
un(e) Maghrébin(e) person from North Africa
la mer des Antilles (ou des Caraïbes) Caribbean Sea
la métropole mainland France
le Moyen-Orient Middle East
un palmier palm tree
la patrie homeland
un pays country
la peau skin
la plage beach
le sable sand
un sport d'hiver winter sport
destiné(e) (à) intended (for)
d'outre-mer from overseas
fier (fière) proud
francophone French-speaking
indigène native
maternel(le) native (language)
métropolitain(e) of / from continental France
Created by: Firieth