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French Verbs

Marcher To Walk
Envoyer To Send
Trouver To Find
Traverser To Cross
Tourner To Turn
Parler To Speak
Essayer To Try
Préférer To Prefer
Appeler To Call
Afficher To Show, Display
Montrer To Show
Appuyer To Support
Tirer To Shoot, Draw
Envisager To Consider
Laisser To Leave
Échapper To Escape
Entraîner To Coach, Train
Ajouter To Add
Chasser To Hunt
Casser To Break
Passer To Pass, Adopt
Provoquer To Provoke
Geler To Freeze
Ironiser To Ironize, Joke, Mock
Tenter To Try, Attempt
Siffler To Whistle
Supprimer To Remove
Abriter To House
Dénoncer To Report
Examiner To Examine
Trancher To Settle
Monter To Mount
Tuer To Kill
Lutter To Fight
Construire To Build, Construct
Suivre To Follow
Attendre To Expect, To Wait
Subir To Undergo
Parvenir To Achieve
Fuir To Flee
Réussir To Succeed
Tenir To Hold
Accueillir To Welcome
Réagir To React
Se Présenter To Present Oneself
Se Promener To Walk
Se Libérer To Break Free
Se Placer To Place Oneself, To Take A Stand
Se Prononcer To Decide
Renchérir To Add Onto
Rentrer To Return
Osciller To Oscillate, Fluctuate
Created by: lsom11