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MS-Office Excel Ch 2

Formatting a Workbook

formatting The process of chnaging a workbook's appearance by defining the fonts, styles, colors, and decorative features.
theme A collection of formats for text, colors, images, and graphical effects applied throughout a workbook.
theme font associated with a particular theme and used for headings and body text in the workbook --change when you change a theme.
non-theme font Text formatted with this retains its appearance no matter what theme is used with the workbook
serif font Such as Times New Roman, have extra decorative strokes at the end of each character
sans serif such as Arial, do not include decorative strokes at the end of each character
theme colors 12 colors that belong to the workbook's theme
accents each theme color as five of these variations where a different tint or shading is applied to the theme
standard colors are always available regardless of the workbook's theme. Include dark red, red, orange, yellow, light green, green, light blue, blue, dark blue, and purple.
custom color color you can create by specifying a mixture of red, green and blue values. 16.7 million are available.
automatic color option that uses your Windows default text and background colors, usually black text on a white background.
number format Displays the values in a way that makes it easy for the reader to quickly understand and interpret them. Can change without changing values.
general number format Displays values exactly as they are typed by the user. If value is calculated, from a formula or function, Excel shows as many digits after the decimal point as will fit in the cell with the last displayed digit rounded
merge and center merges the range into one ell and horizontally centers the content
merge across merges each of the rows in the selected range across the columns in the range.
merge cells merges the range into a single cell, but does not horizontally center the cell content
unmerge cells reverses a merge, returning the merged cell back into a range of individual cells.
Header row Excel table element which formats the first row of the table
total row Excel table element which inserts a new row at the bottom of the table that adds the column valued
first column Excel table element which formats the first column of the table
last column Excel table element which formats the last column of the table
banded rows Excel table element which formats alternating rows in different colors
banded columns Excel table element which formats alternating columns in different colors
legend key that shows each color used in a worksheet and what it means so others know why certain cells are highlighted
print area region that is sent to the printer from the active sheet
automatic page breaks inserted by Excel when the contents of a worksheet do not fit on a single page
manual page breaks inserted by users to split a worksheet into logical segments for printing
Created by: mgarda