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Badges for NCA2

Fold_BBvsBtStl Player f >72% - BB V BB steal. 2 pl-BB open widely,2.5x- any suited/semi-connected.Open in SB shows BB f freq vs steal,Check Steal popup for f vs SB steal freq.If using the f BB vs SB Steal-3.5x< 60 top 24% hands.< 60 3x inc range,70% any suited/semi-con
Bet_Fold_FlopCbet_SRP Like BBvsBtSrtl badge appears if a player Cbets the flop (SRP preflop)&f >55% vs a flop raise.See this badge call wider preflop with the best of your suited folding range.When facing a flop cbet & you've missed the f bluff raise on many board texures
RaiseFoldFlop-ip Raise V a flop cbet in position SRP and folds to a 3 bet > 55%. Thi identifies players who freq bluff raise the flop. A 3 bet bluff will work well here.Consider calling with medium strength made hands.I find these players will allow you to check down
3B_OneAndDone This badge helps establish an opponent's flop cbet range blinds vs Bt after 3B'ing preflop.Badge appears when a player gives up in this spot > 57%.They could f to a flop raise, check f the turn or river, or give up turn and river and show down a weak hand
3BP-XX-FoldTurn Blue X3. 3B preflop, check flop heads up in position then folds to a turn bet > 40%. this returns a 2bb/100 profit given a half pot bet. We tested this on AKQ high flop and J and lower flops and found that folds are more freq on the AKQ high flops
SRP-XX-FoldTurn Blue X. same as 3BP-XX-FoldTurn but for single raised pots preflop. Threshold set at 50%.
Bet-Fold-River When a player bet f the river > 60%. This badge defines believer types who are prone to believe your river raise. Be fearless if you see this badge it is a profitable badge. It's important you rep a reasonable hand, but not an overriding concern
BvsMissedRB Identifys players who jump on river weakness, provides trapping opportunity. Look for missed draw boards to bluff by check/calling. They have a decent bluff range and likely a thin value range a consider a check raise bluff with a non showdown hand.
Call-CR-FoldTurn SRP preflop.Bets & calls the raise on the flop then f to the turn bet > 50%. Identifies suspicious type players who call to make you 'prove' your hand by betting turn. Do it when you see this badge.
CfoldCOSBasPFC3Boop Call-3B oop CO/SB then c/fold flop > 45%.A common leak, players correctly assume that opp's are 3B'ing them widely but underestimate the oop disadv & giveup too often Vthe flop cbet.3B add hands preflop&continue on flop.No badge avoid betting if AK misses
CfoldEPasPFC3Boop Call 3B oop in EP/MP then c/fold flop > 45%. Shows players who see you as tight & believe calling to hit big is +EV. Also monkeys who don't fold, but play fit or fold on the flop. 3B & following up with a cbet. No badge, AK misses no cbet
Foldvs3BIsoLimper Isolates a limper f V 3B > 59%.This is a interesting spot as a competent opponent will not feel like he has the odds to defend by calling widely, nor will that he has room to comfortably 4B bluff/fold (this is with 100BB stacks, be cautious deeper).
FvsCB_B_PFC3B Call 3B on the Btn & f V cbet >45%. A c'mon wide defense spot& freq f to a flop cbet. Target players widely preflop to CBet flop. Suited h'd is more import't than similar ip spots for opp to fire flop & turn with equity, ov'come positional disadvantage.
FvsCold4B_BtSB Fold vs a cold 4B. player folds >60%. A cold 4B seems very strong to most players and this badge identifies those who are most likely to give you credit for a monster.
FvsRB_AK_River F vs river barrel on an A or K river overcard > 51% OOP. I could have done both in and oop of position but players play this spot differently based upon position. I found in position folds generally weren't frequent enough to warrant a badge.
FvsRBAKQonTurn Red 2s. Flop J or lower. Calls flop cbet OOP. Turn is an A,K, or Q. Calls turn bet. Folds verse a river barrel greater than 50%. Identifies players who don't believe your turn bet but will believe your river bet.
FvsTBScareCardOOP Blue D. Flop J or lower. Calls flop cbet OOP. Folds vs bet on a turn overcard greater than 50%. Identifies players who believe the scare card.
High-Turn-Stab-3B Calls 3B preflop CO,Btn,BB.Calls flop cbet- stabs V turn check >45%.Identify flop floaters for value by c/calling/c/raising instead of barreling.Consider range on previous street int by checking their f V flop cbet in 3B pots.*Very tight rang negates this
High-Turn-Stab-SRP Calls open preflop CO, Btn,BB. Calls flop cbet - stabs V turn check >50%.Identify flop floaters for value by c/calling/c/ring instead of barreling.Consider range on previous street int by checking their f V flop cbet in 3B pots. *Very tight rang negates
High-Flop-Stab-3B Calls 3B preflop CO,Btn,BB.Bets V a missed cbet>45%.Identify players who bet when you check. Useful V players who fold a lot V the continuation bet, but will stab if you give them the chance. Do it with both value/draws.*Very tight stats negates badge
High-Flop-Stab-SRP Calls open prefl CO, Btn, BB. Bets V a miss flop cbet >70%. c/r Ax two over type hds (give up turn if don't fold) & draws (stack off) V this badge, esp if they f V the flop cbet freq. Check calling med strth hands esp if they f freq V a flop cbet.
River_Hero Calls river with less than top pair > 50% , Use to avoid -EV bluffs and find spots for thin value bets. NoteCaddy was returning a 60% average when it came to bluff catching. I set it lower than average at 50% and a sample size of 4.
Created by: censura