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Library Stack

Nouns and Descriptions for simple library games

Person who writes a book or article. Author
Name of a book, journal or article. Title
Published regularly about a specific subject (similar to a Periodical). Journal
Published regularly about a specific subject (similar to a Journal). Periodical
Company or organisation which takes writing by authors and makes books or journals. Publisher
The day, month or year in which a book or article was first published. Publication Date
Computers available to hire for an hour and a half from the library. Laptop
Books and resources available in the library which cannot be borrowed. Reference
On-line facility for checking up-to-date library and course information. Moodle
Type of books available to borrow in the library which are not factual. Fiction
On-line gateway to collections of journals and articles Athens
Brochures of courses at higher education institutions available in the library. Prospectuses
Daily paper-based publication about news and current affairs, available to read in the library. Newspaper
Machine which can copy images or text, available to use in the library. Photocopier
Tool for cutting paper along straight edges, available to use in the library. Guillotine
Device for creating holes along the edge of paper, available to use in the library. Hole Punch
Clear plastic sticky tape, available to use in the library. Sellotape
Series of letters and numbers on the edge of a book, which gives information about where it can be found in the library. Shelf Number
Name for the edge of a book which usually faces outward when the book is on a shelf, with the title and author's name on it. Spine
The first page of a book, which is usually blank. Flyleaf
Using someone else's writing or research in your work without giving a proper reference, showing where the information comes from. Plagiarism
Showing where you have found information you use or quote in your work. Referencing
Section at the end of a book or article which shows what books and articles were used by the author to gather information - a good place to find suggestions for further reading. Bibliography
A collection of information arranged to make searching for it easier (often alphabetically or in date order). Database
Arranged according to date order. Chronological
Arranged A-Z. Alphabetical
Website which allows anyone to create quizzes and word games for free, about any subject. StudyStack
Website which allows people to search many websites from one page. Search Engine
Technology which allows users to send each other messages like letters or texts instantly and for free over the internet. E-mail
On-line library resource which allows users to check for items in the library, and see if copies are available for loan. Heritage
Book containing many articles arranged alphabetically, giving a brief description of individual subjects and linking them to other articles in the same book. Encyclopaedia
Machine for adding, multiplying, subtracting and dividing. Available to borrow in the library. Calculator
Another name for the World Wide Web. Billions of pages of electronic information which can be viewed with a computer connected to a phone line. Internet
A machine with a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor, with which you can write essays, browse the internet and view images. Computer
Secret word or combination of letters and numbers which allows you to sign on to a computer or e-mail account. Password
Machine which allows text or images to be printed from a computer. Colour and black and white ones are available to use in the library for a small fee. Printer
Database of the whole range of items available in the library collection. The software Herit4ge allows users to search or browse this. Catalogue
Created by: sjohnson