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L'identite, Fr 4

Vocabulaire en francais

activiste activist
citoyen citizen
pays country
croyance belief
democratie democracy
demonstration demonstration
dictature dictatorship
gouvernement government
identite identity
immigrant immigrant
independance independance
patrie homeland, country
hymne national National Anthem
nationalisme nationalism
nationaliste nationalist
opposition opposition
parti politique political party
patriote patriot
patriotisme patriotism
manifestation demonstration, protest
solidarite solidarity, unity
souverainete sovereignty
but goal
continent continent
ere era
origine origin
periode period
peuplade tribe
phenomene phenomenon
relief wall sculpture
traces traces
ancien old, ancient
divers diverse, various
eteint extinct, extinguished
prehistorique prehistoric
primitif primitive
puissant powerful
rudimentaire elementary
unique exceptional, only
apparente related
descendants descendants
frontiere border
habitants inhabitants
heritage heritage
Hexagone another name for France due to its shape
Meridionaux southern
province province
souvenirs memories, reminders
supprime abolished, removed
territoire territory
appartenir a to belong to
se consacrer a to be devoted to
manifester to show, demonstrate
representer to represent
sacrifier to sacrifice
affronter to face, confront
assimiler to assimilate, blend in
combattre to fight
composer to compose, to be made of
diriger to lead, direct
dominer to dominate
envahir to invade
eriger to erect
etendre to fail
expulser to expel
garder to keep
gouverner to govern
integrer to integrate
occuper to occupy
se rebeller to rebel
vaincre to defeat
Acadie Former colony of New France
Cadien Acadian
Cajun Cajun
Creoles Descendants of settlers of French Louisiana
Zydeco Folk music which orginated from the Creoles living in Louisiana
discours speech
Created by: akuonengalvez