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Enhancing Worksheet

Ascending sort To arrange data with letters in alphabetical order (A to Z), data with numbers from lowest to highest, and data with dates from earliest to latest.
Comment A note attached to a cell that explains or identifies information contained in the cell.
Conditional formatting Formatting that changes the look of cells that meet a specified condition.
Descending sort To arrange data with letters from Z to A, data with numbers from highest to lowest, and data with dates from oldest to newest.
Filter To display a subset of the data that meets certain criteria and temporarily hide the rows that do no meet the specified criteria.
Filter arrow An arrow that appears in a column heading cell that opens the AutoFilter menu.
Hyperlink Text, cell, or an object that when clicked "jumps to" another location, such as another file location or a Web site. Also called link.
Object Anything that appears on the screen that you can select and work with as a whole, such as a shape, picture, or chart.
Picture A digital photograph or other file image.
Research task pane A task pane that provides access to information typically found in references such as dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias.
Screen clipping The area you choose to include in a screenshot.
Screenshot A picture of all or part of something you see on your monitor, such as a Word document, an Excel workbook, a photograph, or a Web page.
Shape Rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, flowchart symbols, or callouts that can help make a worksheet more informative.
SmartArt graphic A graphic diagram that visually illustrates text and includes formatted graphics.
Sort To arrange a list of words or numbers in ascending or descending order.
Template A predesigned workbook file that you can use as the basis or model for new workbooks.
Created by: KatMead