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sci fi

ch 12, 13,15, 16,

Which statement best describes a compound? A compound is a material that is made up of a combination of atoms bonded together
How many atoms of oxygen are in H3OClO4? 5
How many elements are in the compound C6H12O6? 3
Oxygen atoms are used to make water molecules, does that mean that water, H2O and oxygen O2 have similar properties? No they are not, compounds are uniquely different from the elements from which they are made.
If you eat metallic sodium or inhale cholrine gas, you stand a strong chance of dying. Let these two elements react with eachother however, & you can sprinkle the compound on your popcorn for a better taste. Whats going on? Sodium chloride has nothing in common with sodium and cholrine.
Which of the following boxes represents a compound Has two different types of atoms
Is the following transformation representative of a physical or chemical change A chemical change
The boil point of methanol is 65C. The boiling point for ethonol is 78C. Which of the following statements is true? At 70C, you will have methanol gas and liquid ethanol
Water and ethanol can be separated by heating the ethanol away until it boils from the water? What type of change is this? Physical change
Which of the following would not be concidered a chemical property The temperature at which a liquid will boil
Which of the following was an example of a physical change Water boiling and being converted into steam
Which of the following is an example of chemical change Gasoline being used in the engine of a car as exhaust
The following image descibes what type of change Chemical change
The following image describes what type of change Physical change
Which of the following will not be considered matter Light
Which of the following statements about electrons is true All the above
What is the valence shell The outermost shell
Oxygen 8, Sulfer 16, Selenium 64, have similar because? The outermost shell contains the same number of electrons
What do the electron configurations for all the group 18 elements have in common outermost shells are filled to capacity
How many electrons are there in the third shell of sodium 1
Which of the following elements are in the same period as magnesium chlorine
Which of the following elements are in the same group as silicon? carbon
Elements that are in the same group have a tendency to have very similar chemical properties
Which element will have chemical properties the most similar to chlorine bromine
Which of the following elements is a gas at room temperature argon
Which of the following elements is a halogen chlorine
Which of the following elements is in the 4th period chromium
Helium is a nonmetallic gas and the second element in the periodic table, rather than being placed adjacent to hydrogen because helium is most similar to their group 18 elements
The nucleus of an electrically neutral iron atom contains 25 protons, how many electrons? 26
What is the appproximate mass of carbon atom in amu a carbon atom has a mass of 12 amu, CO2 has 44 amu
When we breathe we inhale oxygen, CO2 and water vapor. Does breathing cause you to lose or gain weight? lose weight
Which of the following best describes an element a material consisting of only one type of atom
Since atoms are mostly empty space why dont objects pass through one another the electrons on atoms repel other electrons when they get close
Does it make sense to say that the textbook is about 99.9% empty space? yes
Which are older, the atoms in the body of an elderly person or a baby? the same age
Which has the shortest wavelength? x-ray
A wave with a long wavelength has a relatively low frequency
Both sound and light can travel in water
Which of the following is fundamentally different from the others? sound waves
Electromagnetic waves consist of vibrating, electric, and magnetic fields
Which of these have the longest wavelength? radio waves
The source of electromagnetic waves is vibrating electrical charges
Which of these has a higher frequency than visible light? ultraviolet
For light a red shape indicates the loud light sources move? away from you
A doppler effect occurs when a source of sound moves toward you
The source of all wave motion is a vibrating object
Evaporation is a cooling process The more energetic molecules are able to escape the liquid
The higher the frequency of a wave, the shorter the wavelength
When a volume of air is compressed, the temperature increases
The process of convection occurs in fluids
Entropy is most closely related to the 2nd law of thermodynamics
As a system becomes more disorder, entropy increases
As entopy in a system increases, energy within the system becomes less order
Which law of thermodynamics addresses the direction of heat flow 2nd law
Which law of thermodynamics states that no system can reach absolute zero? 3rd law
Which law of thermodynamics is the restatement of the conseervation of energy that applies to thermal systems? 1st law
The lowest temperature possible in nature is -273 C
When you touch a piece of ice with your finger energy flows from your finger to the ice
The temperature of melting ice is -32 F and 0 C
Whether one object is warmer than another object has to do with molecular kinetic energy
The force that accelerates a rocket into outer space is exerted on the rocket by exhaust gases
Earth pulls on the moon. Similarly, the moon pulls on earth, evidence that? Earth and Moon comprise an action-reaction pair (both)
The resistive force of friction occurs for all of the above
An object in motion tends to remain in motion without a need of force
The average speed of a deer traveling a distance of 2km in a half hour is 4km/h
The two measurements neccessary for calculating average speed are distance and time
Which of the following solutions is the most dilute 1L of water with 1g of sugar
Which of the following statements describes a saturated solution all of the above
Which of the following describes the term concentration it is the amount of solute in a given amount of soulution
In a solution of 77% nitrogen and 23% oxygen which is the solvent nitrogen
In a solution made from 1 tsp of sugar and 1L of water, what is the solvent sugar is solute, water is solvent
Is the air in your house a homogeneous or heterogenous mixture heterogenous
How would you classify the following materials_MILK suspension
If you filter sea water to remove all of the particles you would be left with homogeneous mixture called a solution
Which of the following would be considered a homogeneous mixture wine
How would you claddify the following materials_SWIMMING POOL homogeneous mixture
Which of the following is a pure substance baking soda
Which of the following would be considered a heterogeneous mixture salad dressing
What is the difference between a compound and a mixture the components of a mixture are not chemically bonded together
A combination in two or more substances in which they no longer contain their chemical properties is called compound
Created by: E.Ochoa
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