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SOTB Ch 20-25

Sign of the Beaver Ch 20-25

a supernatural force pervades the natural world;SPIRIT Part of Speech: noun manitou
an expression of rebuke or disapproval Part of Speech: noun reproach
not to restrict the movement of by bonds or obstacles: not to impede, not to disrupt Part of Speech: verb unhampered
Obsolete: coarse: durable: strong : massive Part of Speech: adjective boisterous
shell, husk: the outer covering od a nut or of an indian corn Part of Speech: noun shucked
to beg for urgently or anxiously:implore Part of Speech: verb beseeching
to expose to hazard:RISK, GAMBLE: to undertake the risks and dangers of:BRAVE Part of Speech: verb ventured
feeling of showing envy: jealously, resentment Part of Speech: adverb enviously
distinguished bravery;especially military valor and skill. Part of Speech: noun prowess
difficult to resolve or analyze: complicated, complex Part of Speech: adverb intricately
ACT: DEED: a deed notable especially for courage. Part of Speech: noun feat
dialect:having a small or insufficient supply Part of Speech: adjective scant
wooden platters for serving food Part of Speech: noun trenchers
Troublesome, vexatious, annoying, irritating, bothersome; Part of Speech: adjective pesky
a clever trick or strategem: a clever way of doing something:Synonyms: cunning, buff, swindling Part of Speech: noun knack
to struggle to move or obtain footing: thrash about wildly:to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectively: Part of Speech: intransitive verb floundered
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