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Middle Ages

Middle Ages Unit Test

Which feudal group gave land to his nobles in exchange for military support and tax collection? kings
Which feudal group helped protect the king, hired knights for protection, and received land titles from the king? nobles
Which feudal group protected the lord's land and received a small piece of land to live on in exchange. knights
Which feudal group farmed the knight's/lord's land in exchange for protection and a small piece of land? serfs/peasants
Which Frankish leader ruled the Holy Roman Empire when it was at its largest size? Charlemagne
Why did Feudalism start? Frankish kings could not defend themselves because their armies were too slow.
What two geographic features would kings or lords build their castles near? Rivers for water, farming and transportation and mountains for protection
Who were the Muslims? People who practice Islam and wanted to control the Holy Land
Who were the Crusaders? Christians who believed they were fighting for God in their quest to take over the Holy Land.
What was the Spanish Inquisition? An organization of priests that wanted to make a completely Christian society and punished others to fulfill their goal.
What percentage of the population was killed by the Black Death? 1/3
Which 2 groups of leaders were in a constant struggle for power during the Middle Ages? popes and kings
What was the difference between European and Japanese art at this time? European art usually had a religious them while Japanese art had a natural theme.
What is feudalism? A system of promises that govern the relationships between lords and vassals.
What two events helped to end feudalism? The Black Death and the Crusades.
How did the Black Death help to end feudalism? Once the population declined, peasants and serfs were in more demand and could ask for money rather than land in exchange for their services.
How did the Crusades help to end feudalism? Crusaders traveled to other parts of the world and found different ways to live and make money.
How did Joan of Arc help to win the Hundred Years War for the French? Her death inspired the French to get revenge and fight the English.
Which person in the Japanese feudal system is like the king in the European system? Emperor
Which group in the Japanese feudal system is like the lords in the European system? Daimyo
Which group in the Japanese feudal system is like the knights in the European system? samurai
Which group in the Japanese feudal system is like the peasants in the European system? peasants
Created by: dwall