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Illustrator Lesson 1

workspace A saved set of panels and tool settings.
context menu A menu that displays when you right click the screen, displaying commands that relate to your current task.
artboard Printable portion of the work area, where illustrations can be finalized.
bitmap images Images created using a grid of small squares called pixels. Also raster or pixel images.
CMYK model The color model used for printed output.
color mode Determines the color model used to display and print the Illustrator file.
guides Nonprinting lines that can be used to create boundaries or guidelines in a drawing.
picas Measurement system frequently used in graphic design. There are six of these to an inch.
pixel Term that stands for picture element. A single point on a computer monitor screen.
points Measurement system frequently used in graphic design. 1/72 of an inch.
resolution The number of dots or pixels per linear unit of output.
RGB model The color model used for illustrations to be viewed on monitors or digital devices.
vector graphics Drawings made up of lines and curves.
vectors Mathematical concept that describes a graphic according to geometric characteristics.
anchor point A point on a path that indicates a change in direction.
bounding box A temporary frame around a selected object that shows its outer dimensions.
constrain To force an object to take a certain form.
corner point An anchor point where a path changes direction in an angle rather than smoothly.
path The line that forms the shape of an object.
smooth point An anchor point that connects path segments in a curve.
fill Characteristics of the inner area of an object, such as the color, pattern, style, etc., inside an object.
stroke Characteristics of the outline of an object, such as its weight, color, style, etc.
align Line up objects at their tops, bottoms, edges, or centers.
distribute Space objects evenly, either vertically or horizontally.
polygon Any object with three or more straight sides.
Spiral An open shape that consists of a number of winds around a central point.
winds Complete revolutions around the center point in a spiral.
font A design of type.
font style Appearance changes to a font such as bold or italic.
point of origin The point on which an object rotates or transforms. It may be within the object or outside it.
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