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MS-Office Excel Ch 1

Vocabulary for Excel Chapter 1

Spreadsheet A collection of text and numbers laid out in a rectangular grid.
What-if Analysis Feature of Excel where you can change one or more values in a spreadsheet and then assess the effect those changes have on the calculated values
chart sheet Contains an Excel chart that provides a visual representation of worksheet data
cell reference indicates a cell's column and row location. It is unique to each cell.
Planning analysis sheet includes questions that help you think about the workbook's purpose and how to achieve your desired results
Text data any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that form words and sentences. Also referred to as text string.
Number data any numerical value that can be used in a mathematical calculation.
Date and Time Data commonly recognized formats for date and time values.
truncated when data in a cell is hidden from view when data is too large for cell
autocomplete As you type in text Excel tries to anticipate the remaining characters by displaying text that begins with the same letters as a previous entry in the same column
pixel Single point on a computer monitor or printout. Excel rows are measured in points or pixels.
point 1/72 of an inch. Excel rows are measure in points or pixels.
autofitting Eliminates empty space by matching the row height or column width to its tallest or longest cell entry
Clearing Removes the data from a spreadsheet, leaving blank cells where the data had been
deleting Removes both the data and the cells from a spreadsheet. Remaining cells shift into the deleted location.
range reference Indicates the location and size of a cell range.
drag and drop Way to move cell or range in excel. Position the pointer over the bottom border of the selection, and then drag the selection to a new location.
cutting Places cell contents into computer memory or on the clipboard.
operators used in a formula to combine different values that result in a single value that is displayed within a cell
arithmetic operators perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponentiation.
Order of Operations Set of predefined rules to determine the sequence in which operators are applied in a calculation.
function named operation that returns a value in Excel.
Edit mode mode in excel where keyboard shortcuts work differently because they apply only to the text within the selected cell.
search string String you are trying to locate with a Find command
replacement string new characters used to replace text located by the find command
normal view shows the contents of a worksheet. Default view in Excel.
page layout view shows how worksheet will appear when printed.
page break preview displays the location of the different page breaks within the worksheet
landscape orientation the page is wider than it is tall.
portrait orientation the page is taller than it is wide
formula view a view of the worksheet contents that displays formulas instead of the resulting values. Done using CTRL - ~ (tilde)
scaling reduces the width and the height of the printout to fit the number of pages you specify by shrinking the text size as needed.
Created by: mgarda