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Excel chapter 1

Introduction to Excel

A spreadsheet is: an electronic file that contains a grid of columns and roes for related data
A spreadsheet program is defined as a software application used to: create and modify spreadsheets
The Name Box (as it applies to Excel 2010) identifies the address of the current cell.
The data type "Text"(as it applies to Excel 2010) includes letters, numbers, and spaces not used in calculations.
You should use cell references in formulas instead of constant values so: you can change the input values without changing the formulas.
Auto Fill (as it applies to Excel 2010) enables you to copy the contents of a cell or to continue a sequence by dragging the fill handle.
Using the fill handle grom a cell containing a formula: copies the formula in the active cell to other cells and adapts it based upon the type of cell references in the original formula.
Ribbon Commands with Arrows indicate: there are two or more sub-commands related th the command
Column width: is adjustable, so you can display more or less characters in a column.
The Excel Window contains elements that are similar to other Office applications and some that are unique to Excel. True
Letters, numbers, and symbols need to be formatted as text so Excel can use them in calculations. False
Excel uses the / symbol to perform multiplication on operands. false
Excel displays the result of a formula in its cell. You can display the formula itself by using the combination of Ctrl and ` (accent) keys at the same time. true
In Excel, it is possible to add, delete, or rename worksheets at any time in the process. true
If the column is too narrow, part of the data you enter in the cell will be deleted. false
Using Formatting on data makes it difficult to read and tends to obscure meaningful details. false
Changing the Format of a cell changes the value of the number stored in the cell. false
The Page Setup Dialog box contains additional options not found on the Excel "Ribbon". true
While it is common to center a worksheet horizontally on a page, it is not possible to center it vertically on the page in Excel 2010. false
Excel displays data in gridlines of columns and rows. Those grid lines always appear on the printed document. false
What is the firs step in planning an effective worksheet? State the purpose of the worksheet
What Excel interface item is not displayed until you start typing or editing data in a cell? Enter
Giving the formula=B1*B2+B3/B4^2 where B1 contains 3, B2 contains 4, B3 contains 32,and B4 contains 4, what is the result/ 14
Why would you press Ctrl+ in Excel? To display cell formulas
Which of the following is a nonadjacent range? A1:A10, D1:D10
If you want to balance a title over several columns, what do you do? Merge and center the data over all columns
Which of the following characteristics is not applicable to the Accounting Number Format? Dollar sign immediately on the left side of the value.
If you want to see a preview of how a worksheet will appear on a hard copy, what do you do? Click the file tab, and then click print.
Assume that the data on a worksheet consume a whole printed page and a couple of columns on a second page. You can all of the following except what force the data to print all on one page/ Increase the left and right margin.
What should you do if you see a column of pound sign(###)instead of values or result of formulas? Increase the column wisth
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