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grp 1, chapter 9

Donor Selection Phlebotomy

What are the three phases for screening a donor? Registration, Health history interview and Physical examination
Name three pieces of required information needed for donor registration? Name, address and date of birth
Who does the health history interview protect? Donor and patient
How long is the deferral for donors who have received a blood transfusion? 12 months
List possible adverse donor reactions Sweating, rapid breathing, fainting, dizziness, nausea
What is autologous donations? Donation reserved for transfusion to the donor at a future date.
What are some medical reasons for therapeutic phlebotomy? Polycythemia, Hemochromotosis, Porphyrias
How long should you wait after donating before you smoke or booze it up? 30 minutes for smoking and no boozing it up until you eat some food! You lush!
What is the hemoglobin requirement? No less than 11 grams per deciliter.
What is the hematocrit requirement? No less than 33%
What is apheresis? Category of procedures in which whole blood is removed from the donor and a component is mechanically removed.
If you have a history of IV drug use would you be permanently, temporarily or not deferred? Permanently
What information needs to be included on an autologous unit? Patient name, transfusion facility, unique ID number and an autologous use only label
How long does it take your body to replace iron lost during a blood donation? 1 - 2 months
What do you use to sterilize the injection site? 0.7% Iodophor followed by the 10% povidine-iodine solution.
What should you use if the patient is allergic to iodine? Alcohol.
What is the minimum weight required for a donor? 110lbs
What are the components removed for apheresis? Platelet, leukocytes and plasma
How long should patient records be kept? Indefinitely
What are the advantages for acute normovolemic hemodilution? Reduction of red cell loss, little deterioration to platelets, requires no inventory, minimizes clerical error
True or False. Preoperative collection is good for patients with existing alloantibodies or rare blood types? True
What should the systolic and diastolic pressure be for donation? Systolic no greater than 180 and diastolic no greater that 100.
Created by: sassylaroo
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