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Numbers and Hardware

AS Comp

What is BCD? Binary Coded Decimal - A value that is used to check against a database. The value holds no real value.
What is 39 in binary? 00100111
What is 39 in hexadecimal? 27
What is 39 in octal? 47
What is sign and magnitude? Where you change the first digit into a sign to show that it is positive or negative.
What is the problem with sign and magnitude? That the first bit will have to be moved if the number is greater than 127 or less than -127. This is difficult for a computer to track.
What is 00100111 add 01001001? 01110000
What does the Program Counter do? Contains the address of the next instruction for the processor. The counter is incremented to find the next instruction. This is altered when an interrupt comes in.
What does the MAR do? Memory Address Register - It is where the instruction from the PC is stored for use by the CPU.
What does the MDR do? Memory Data Register - It finds the instruction from the address in the MAR and holds the instruction that the MAR has the address for.
What does the CIR do? Current Instruction Register - Takes the instruction from the MDR. Then splits up the command and sends parts to be decoded. It also holds the address of the data used in the instruction.
What is the ALU? Arithmetic and Logistics Unit - it works out the numerical equations given to it by the CPU
What is Cache RAM? A highspeed RAM that acts as a buffer between the other units and processor.
What is MICR? Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - used on cheques so humans and computers can read it.
What is OCR? Optical Character Recognition - A scanner and program that reads characters and inputs them into data.
Created by: Alp4stallard