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Canadian Copyrigh

Canadian Copyright Definitions

Access Copyright a company that collects revenues from Canadian businesses, governments, schools etc. for photocopying and distributes that money to the copyright holders
Copyright the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, and profit from work of which the following are protected: dramatic work, artistic work, musical work, sound recordings, performer’s performance, communication signal
Intellectual Property intangible property of the mind that can still have legal ownership claims protected by law
Royalty usage based payment paid to another person when they distribute a certain product
Trade-Marks a symbol, word, or phrase legally registered or established to a company or franchise
Public Domain copyright term of protection has expired
Moral Rights rights of an author/creator that he/she possess regardless of who owns copyright of which include rights of paternity, integrity, and association
Performing Rights the right to perform music in public and if you perform another artists’ song they have the right to 50% of your profits
Plagarism copying someone’s words and using them as your own
Fair Dealing a limited exception to the legal rights of copyright laws which allows for legal use that would normally be considered copyright infringement provided it’s for a purposeful thing i.e. education
Patent grant given by a government when something is invented that allows an individual or company the exclusive right to make, sell, and use that invention for a period of time
Blanket License when the artist gives permission for you to use their music as many times as you want without being charged several times
Created by: skurtz