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EDIT 202 Definitions

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Access Copyright A non-profit organization that regulates licensing and royalties in Canada
Copyright A property right to a non-physical object. The “right to copy.” It is a right that the owner (of the intellectual property) has in relation to how that intellectual property may be used.
Intellectual Property Non- physical property, rights that result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields.
Royalty Useage based payments made to the creator or shareholders of ownership of a product or service
Trade-Marks Things that are used to distinguish one company from another, such as slogans, names, packaging, or product shape.
Public Domain Works that belong to the public, that are free and no need of approval from the author or creator.
Moral Rihgts Rights an author or creator can claim for the duration of their copyright
Performing Rights The given right to play another musicians's music in public, given that it is attributed to them
Plagiarism When someone copies or paraphrases another persons work, or when citations are used improperly.
Fair Dealing A limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work.
Patent A new and useful invention.
Blanket License Authorizes the playing of music for radio stations, tv, etc without having to acquire rights each time a song is played
Created by: anniewilliams7